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Kids identified as Jewish cemetery vandals

POLICE have said that vandals who two weeks ago desecrated 135 tombstones at Košice's Jewish cemetery were three elementary school students - 13-year-old Jozef and 11-year-olds Tomáš and Viktor.

Jozef and Tomáš first visited the cemetery on April 17 and kicked over several tombstones. Together with Viktor they returned to the cemetery a few days later and continued their attack on the tombstones.

A regional prosecutor stayed charges against the three minor culprits, but action against them may be taken by their school.

"We're absolutely shocked and we can't explain it," said Slávka Blichová, the vice-principal at the boy's school.

"This happened outside school hours so the children's parents are responsible for their behaviour. But this is certainly the most serious offence that our pupils have ever committed," she said.

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