FinMin cancels state treasury tender

THE FINANCE Ministry has cancelled a tender for the supply of the state treasury's IT system, though ministry officials say they have not given up the project. Finance Minister František Hajnovič said on April 30 that the ministry must respect the verdict of the Public Procurement Office (ÚVO), as well as deadlines set for further measures.

The tender was cancelled after the ÚVO accepted the complaint of Siemens Business Services, which was excluded from the last round of evaluation. It was the fourth time SBS had complained of exclusion in the tender.

The Finance Ministry selection committee excluded the SBS bid because it included a bank guarantee that could not be prolonged. SBS, however, claimed that the guarantee met the criteria stipulated by the procurer. The new selection committee excluded the SBS bid in the final bid evaluation and only evaluated the bid of rival company Hewlett Packard, which had been evaluated as the best in all previous repeated tenders.

The state treasury project is partly financed through the European Union's Phare fund (Sk160 million) and partly from the state budget, which allocated Sk470 million for the purpose. The remaining finances should come from next year's budget.

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