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Gambling ramp money away
Avoiding drinking headaches
A wild gold diggers' wedding
President's new disguise
Fired canteen director ruled innocent by court
Boy dies in explosion

Gambling ramp money away

A WHEELCHAIR-bound gambling addict could be facing legal action after taking the equivalent of 20 times the average monthly wage from local authorities for his disability and losing it in a slot machine.
The man from the west Slovak town of Trnava, who has not been named by police, is alleged to have asked for a Sk235,000 ($5,050) payment from the town council to build a ramp to the entrance of his house for his wheelchair.
However, when the town council discovered the man was not building the ramp they called in police, who discovered the man's passion for gambling.
Police have not said what action will be taken against the man.

Stará Myjava
Avoiding drinking headaches

OVER 340 various types of spirits were tasted at the eighth annual Koštovka páleného (spirits tasting) festival in Stará Myjava village on April 27.
Booze experts present judged the colour, strength, aroma and taste of 112 types of slivovica (plum brandy), 76 types of apple brandy jablkovica, 40 types of pear brandy hruškovica, as well as spirits based on peaches, apricots, and cherries.
"Our goal was modest drinking of good quality spirits and to avoid headache-inducing drinks," said Vladimíra Jurenková, one of Koštovka's organisers.
Contestants from around Slovakia participated in Koštovka. A litre bottle of the winning slivovica drink later sold at an auction after the contest for Sk4,100 ($88).
The oldest competing drink was a slivovica made in 1952.

A wild gold diggers' wedding

A WEDDING ceremony overseen by a crowd of 400 dressed up in cowboy costumes took place last weekend in the Slovak village of Lovinobaňa.
"Golden lady" Soňa Svrčková, the Slovak champion of an annual gold digging competition, said 'I do' to Havran (Raven) Aurel Križáni, whose stylish Colt revolver was peeking from under his jacket during the ceremony.
Lovinobaňa's gold diggers club is well known in Slovakia, and because both spouses are eager panhandlers, they decided to hold their wedding ceremony under blue skies near Lovcity, the informal name of a gold-diggers' town near Lovinobaňa.
Following the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a traditional wedding reception and then a country music ball.

President's new disguise

PRESIDENT Rudolf Schuster received an unusual gift - a complete military camouflage outfit - from the head of Košice's Mikuláš Prokop Air Military Hospital.
Schuster, who is also head of the country's armed forces, was awarded the honorary title of head of the hospital's special unit.
The unit was created in 2000 to act during natural catastrophes, industrial accidents and other large scale emergencies. Currently the unit is in training for potential terrorist attacks or air accidents.

Fired canteen director ruled innocent by court

THE FORMER head of an elementary school canteen in Partizánske, who was on trial on suspicion of having stolen food intended for pupils, was freed by a local district court judge.
Pavla G., who was fired from her job last year after an inspection found various foods missing from the canteen, and who was accused of taking home Sk38,000 worth of potatoes, yoghurt, ketchup, cheese, meat, eggs and other nutriments, was ruled innocent and can now return to her former job.
The school's representatives said they were shocked by the verdict.
"When I found out about the verdict, I thought I'd take all the teachers and the 635 children to the court to ask the judge to explain us how a person who caused such damage can return to sit on the same chair," said the school's principal, Mária Znášiková.
The judge argued that an inspection report serving as a evidence against Pavla G. included formal mistakes, such as lacking the date of the inspection, and therefore could not be admitted as evidence.

Hôrka nad Váhom
Boy dies in explosion

A TRAGEDY in which 11-year-old Erik died and his older brother Igor was hospitalised with serious injuries took place on April 30 in Hôrka nad Váhom, a village in Nové Mesto nad Váhom district.
Trenčín regional police spokeswoman Lenka Bušová said that the two boys had been playing with a ball in the courtyard of their parents' house, and had found an unidentified object which exploded.

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