Reader feedback: Wake up, Slovaks

When are the other 90 per cent of Slovaks finally going to wake up to the realities of Hungarian expansionism ["Slota wants SMK banned," By Ed Holt, Vol.8 No.16, April 29 - May 5]? These are just the latest steps in their 13-year effort (plus the 25 after the first world war) to take over our territory. I know that a 1,000-year habit is hard to break, but so are the Slovaks! What nation has lasted as a nation after being occupied and oppressed for that long?

If the present government (and its upcoming successor) doesn't take some drastic steps to prevent this creeping take-over, we will be in the same situation as Kosovo within 3-5 years!

One has to ask oneself, who would benefit from such a conflict (other than the obvious Hungarians)?

Fred Nicholson

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