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FACE OFF* - A criminal hides a biological bomb in San Francisco and then falls into a coma. Thanks to achievements of modern science, an experienced detective changes his face with the criminal and tries to find the bomb and neutralize it. John Travolta and Nicholas Cage star in this new American action movie shot by John Woo. (Tvár toho druhého)

SHINE*- This Australian biographical film about the piano virtuoso David Helfgott is one of those films that makes a deep, long-lasting impression. In this remarkable cinematic work directed by 44-year-old Scott Hicks the main character is played by Geoffrey Rush who won an Oscar for it. (Žiara)

ANACONDA* - The life of a film crew on the Amazon river changes from a tropical paradise in a green hell when they are attacked by an incredibly huge snake. This is the plot of this action movie shot by Luis Llosa with Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez and Eric Stoltz in the main roles. (Anakonda)

BREAKDOWN*- This action movie directed by Jonathan Mostow is a Hitchcock-like thriller with danger lurking everywhere. Jeff (Kurt Russell) is looking for his wife who mysteriously disappeared when her car broke down, and she tried to call from a telephone booth for help. Nobody has seen her though and the police suspect Jeff of lying. And so the poor husband has to fight for his wife's life completely by himself. (Únos)

EMMA*- This is another film based on a Jane Austen novel following the Oscar-winning "Sense and Sensibility." Douglas McGrath wrote the screenplay and also directed this comedy about pretty, rich and intelligent Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) who likes arranging other peoples' lives, predominantly their private lives, until she almost misses her own opportunity for a happy life. (Emma)

LADY AND THE TRAMP (D)- The main characters in this classical Disney cartoon fairy tale are two dogs - the lady-dog called "Lady" and her smart suitor and brave protector "Tramp." This charming story that has won the audience already few years ago comes on the screen again - now with Slovak dubbing. (Lady a Tramp)

DONNIE BRASCO- Al Pacino and Johnny Depp first met in front of a camera in this melodramatic mob thriller. This movie is an authentic story of a young New York policeman who succeeded in winning the favor of the mob circles and after six years of being one of them he reveals the criminal underground. Later he wrote a book about his life among the mobsters that became the basis for this film by Mike Newell. (Donnie Brasco)

MURDER AT 1600- This thriller leads us into the residence of the American president that became the scene of a crime. The head of the detective security service of the White House (Wesley Snipes) is in charge of the investigation. In the course of time he finds out that behind this crime there is an extensive conspiracy aimed at the highest representatives of the United States. Probably even at the president. (Vražda v Bielom Dome)

BULLETS OVER BROADWAY- Woody Allen's comedy about life, theater and a brilliant gangster. The hero is a young playwright who raises money for the premiere of his play by engaging the mistress of an influential gangster. John Cusack, Chazz Pallminteri and Diane Wiest were honored with Golden Globes and Oscars for the lead roles. (Výstrely na Broadway)

THE EIGHTH DAY (Le huitieme jour) - This French-Belgian lyrical film directed by Jaco van Dormael tells the story of two men of different mentalities. A successful manager and a boy suffering from the Dawn syndrome meet by chance on a rainy day on a deserted road - this is the beginning of an unique friendship that earned the both main protagonists (Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne) awards at the IFF in Cannes. (Ôsmy deň)

TWIN TOWN- The debut of the director Kevin Allen in the collaboration with the producers Andrew MacDonald and Danny Boyle (Trainspotting and Shallow Tomb) started its successful career through the world cinemas at the IFF in Berlin. The main characters of this story that plays in Swansea, Wales, are the twins Jeremy and Julian (Rhys Ifans and Llyr Evans), who - as the majority of their unemployed friends - devote their time of boredom to steeling of cars and to drugs š(Twin Town)

SHE'S THE ONE- The theme of the comedy of the director and screenplay writer Edward Burns is the men's fight with infidelity and a wrong philosophy of life and love. He tells a story of two brothers - a bachelor who works as a taxi driver and a happily married Wall Street businessman. Both think their life is happy till the moment when each of them meets the right woman. (Ona, jedine ona)

HAMLET- After the adaptations of Shakespeare's Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing and Othello, the 37 years old Irish actor and director Kenneth Branagh made also a film about the tragic destiny of the Danish prince. His version of Hamlet takes two hours, the original version 240 minutes. It is a magnificent historical epos full of passion - love, hatred, friendship, betrayal and blood. Film stars like Gerard Depardieu, Jack Lemmon, Robin Williams, Julie Christie, Charlton Heston, Billy Crystal, Derek Jacobi and Kate Winslet whom Branagh engaged in his film will certainly make it even more attractive. (Hamlet)

SWAN PRINCESS* - Enter a world of fantasy - mysterious castles, talking animals, evil wizards and good witches - in this old fashioned fairy-tale where good always wins. A perfect movie for children and enough visual effects to keep adults entertained. (Labutia princezná)

FRENCH KISS* - Meg Ryan tries to regain the humor that won her accolades in "When Harry Met Sally" by playing an American woman in Paris trying to win back her love. The movie has its moments but Ryan whines way too much. Throw in a bizarre French accent from Kevin Kline and sentimental sap - stay home. (Francúszky bozk).

CON AIR* - They were fatally dangerous on earth and now they've got wings. The most notorious American criminals are transported in a specially equipped and armed plane "Con Air," from which no one has managed to escape - until now. Nicholas Cage, John Malkovich and John Cusack star in this film directed by Simon West. (Lietajúca väznica)

Film Legend: (*) - Original Version (D) - Dubbed (SC) - Slovak/Czech (ET) - English Titles
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