Bratislava Cafés

Andy's- A small gallery in which budding Slovak artists' work is displayed. A pleasant stroll from the hrad or from Staré mesto - and a nice stop for a glass of wine- or two. $. Beblavého ulica. < 10:00-23:00, M - Su.

Atlantis- This cukrareň with good, inexpensive ice cream and scrumptious cheese cake is very popular with students...often too popular with lines winding out the door. $$. Štúrova 13. < 10:00-20:00.

Bistro Berg- On the Slovak-Austrian border, this small bistro (20 seats) is convenient for a quick refreshment, but keep in mind that many of its customers will be in the Austrian spending frame of mind. An adjacent currency exchange office is handy. $$. Viedenská cesta-Colnica. % 838-319. < 9:00-20:00, 21:00-8:00.

Café Advokát- For a brief respite from the myriad cases on your docket, rub elbows with the city's legal community here. If the clientele has any objection with the racy black and metallic décor, it is overruled by the classy company. On the ground floor of an office building housing dozens of lawyers, this café is great for morning coffee or evening cocktails. $. Kolárska ul 6. < 8:00-21:00 M-Sa.

Café Francais- The biggest, leafiest salads in Bratislava, with three kinds of lettuce and a tangy vinaigrette -- and that's just one of the dishes on offer at the revamped café in the French Institute. Creamy onion tarts, roast beef sandwiches, and to-die-for pastries round out the menu. Continental breakfast, too. $$. Hlavné nám. < 9:00-9:00 M-F.

Café Gremium- A new interior layout has improved the ambiance here. Sit upstairs to absorb the piano sounds below and take in the art on the wall. A good place for couples to huddle together. $. Gorkého ul 11. % 321-151. < 8:30-23:00 M-Sa.

Café Krym- Hey, a real breakfast - inexpensive and available at 7 a.m. Indulge in scrambled eggs, omelettes, ham and eggs, bread and butter with jelly or honey and home-made pastries. When was the last time you had that kind of choice for your petit dejeuner? $. Šafárikovo nám. 7. % 314-954. < 07:00-21:00 M-Su.

Café Maximilián- A new café conveniently next door to the former Café Roland. Clean and modern with a Viennese flair. Nice decor - and most exciting, when seated upstairs, order your drinks by telephone. $$. Hlavné námestie, % 335-474. < 10:00-22:00, M-Su.

Café Meridian- Okay, so it's the café right at the train station. But think about this: Is there a better people-watching place in the city? Sit out on the terrace for the best view, open only during the warm days. Coffee quality is what you'd might expect from a place that caters to the masses, but the daily offering of salads are fresh and satisfying. $. Hlavná stanica. No tel. < 10:00-22:00.

Café Mozart- It takes a little effort to find, but the luscious fruit salad makes it all worth it, considering such treats are especially rare in this city. $. Mozartova ul. No tel. < 10:00-22:00.

Café Tatra- The chairs look plush, but they aren't. The place tries to look fancy and a touch modern with black sprayed everywhere, but it isn't. Yet it's the joint for the chic and the elite. Blush, coated red lipstick and plumes of smoke wafting from thin, long cigarettes complete the tableau. Go there, order some coffee and hang after the picture show. It's the cool thing to do. Nám. 1 maja. < 10:00-22:00, M-Su.

Café Tulipán- This place is vintage First Czechoslovak Republic. And the prices are only slightly more advanced, with an average meal, including soup and entree, costing 55 Sk. Catering to Western tastes with ham and eggs and and local ones with bryndzové halušky. $ Štúrova 10. % 325-251. < 8:30-22:00, M-Su.

Café U Petra- Enter from Dunajská ul into this 25-seat nook. Serving 20 main dishes, U Petra is more than a café. Its location near Tesco with ample parking is a bonus. $. Klemensova 1. % 323-827. < 10:00-24:00, M-Su.

Columbia Café- Artists, journalists, and businesspeople congregate here for the low prices and lively atmosphere. Feel free to bring your own tapes to listen to. $. Zámočnícka 7. % 335-007. < 10:00-22:00.

Cukráreň Srdce- For one of the best pastry selections in town, venture into the heart of Slovenská Kreditná Banka's passage running between Nám. SNP and Kolárska ul. The hot chocolate is thick and creamy with gobs of whipped cream that prevent the coffee from burning your mouth. $$. Nám. SNP, < 9:00-21:00 Mo-Su.

Espresso Alexia- Cozy and clean, Alexia is a breath of fresh air. The food offered is - unusually - good for both vegetarian and Slovak palates. $. Záhradnícka 41. % 526-3793. < 10:00-22:00.

Jezbera Cukráreň- Rising with sun? This is one of the few places that can serve you coffee and pastries as you roll out of bed. Grab a window seat and watch Bratislava start its day, as Jezbera's location is one of its greatest virtues. $. Nám. SNP 9. < 6:30-21:00.

Korzo Kaviareň- The velvet décor offers a cozy feel to this ideal spot for coffee, a snack or light meal. Highly recommended are the iced coffee, the sundaes, and apple strudel, which is a generous portion for 25 Sk. Breakfast is also available, with omelettes, and ham or bacon with eggs among the offerings. $$. Hviezdoslavovo nám. 11. % 334-974. < 8:00-24:00, M-Su.

London Café- Located at the British Council, this is a favorite spot for English-speakers to grab a leisurely sip or bite. The quiche is great for lunch, as is the tunafish sandwich. Good soups and salads as well. A serene place to catch up on world news written in English. $. Panská 17.< 9:00-21:00.

Pepsi Bistro- This converted dry cleaners used to be one in a line of old buildings, but now stands alone as a neon beacon illuminating the end of Obchodná ul. The baguette sandwiches and salads are good, but not always available. $. Kollárovo nám. < 10:00-22:00.

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