Bratislava International Cuisine

Café Šeherezáda- This Arab restaurant has good hummus, pita bread, felafel and a good Arab salad. There is also a Slovak menu. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Vysoká 15. % 536-1312. <10:00-22:00, M-F; 15:00-22:00 Sa-Su.

Casablanca- Ignore the weird crystal art and the ice cream parlor windows: This restaurant at the top of Koliba hill offers up a classy menu and fantastic food. The meals are traditional and very French, but the fish and the wine list has a Moroccan accent. Try the creamy onion tart served on a bed of lettuce (lettuce!) or the smoked salmon or beef madallions in red wine, pepper or mushroom sauces. The prices - like the menu in English, German and French - are Western, but the food makes it money well spent. $$$. CC: Yes. Eng. menu: Yes. Res: Yes. Jeséniova 53. % 371-767. < 12:00-24:00 M-F; 18.00-24.00, Sat, Su.

Chang Cheng- Authentic Chinese dishes and landscape paintings. The fried wantons are excellent, as is the duck with bamboo shoots, mushrooms in a soy-based sauce. Combination meals give you an opportunity to sample every dish, not just hog one for yourself. Peking duck must be ordered a day ahead and serves four. Top off your meal with deep fried bananas, apples or pineapples in honey. $$$ CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Palisády 59.% 322-157 or 322-161 < 11:00 - 23:30 M-Su.

Chez David- This kosher restaurant has been approved by the highest authority - religious. While Bratislava's local rabbi has blessed this place for adhering to strict religious principles, it also toes the line on cleanliness, attention and fresh food. From the home-made hummus to roasted salmon in asparagus sauce, it's hard to go wrong ordering from the menu, which humors you with Yiddish jokes in Slovak, German and English. Keep in mind that it is closed on the Sabbath (Fri. evening and all Sat.). $$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res. yes. Zamocká 13. % 316-943 or 313-824. < 11:30-16:00, 18:00-22:00 M-Th, Su. 11:30-16:00 Fri.

Corleone Pizzeria- The namesake restaurant moved thier pizza operations to a nice, yet more casual spot around the corner. The service is quick and the thin, wide pizzas will fill up a hungry stomach. We recommend the loaded vegetarian pizza. Arched roofs create a pleasant atmosphere, especially for smokers. $. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Hviezdoslavovo nám. < 10:00-22:00, M-Su.

Jasmin- The owners of this Chinese restaurant have taken a successful formula in Vienna and seemlessly applied it to Bratislava's tastes. Attentive and enthusiastic service combined with delicious cooking, a comfortable atmosphere and a great location make this one of the city's best values. $$$. CC: yes Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Židovská 7. % 531-5182. 11:30-23:00 M-Su.

Lankai- The Orient fit into a centeral European wine cellar. Decorations give a Chinese air, but the food reminds you this is neither Beijing nor even Chinatown. A good place to satisfy that craving for lo mein or a cup of Chinese tea. $$. Eng. menu: yes. Res: no. Obchodná 42. % 332-074. < 11:00-22:00.

Little Caesar's- Without a doubt, the quickest pizza in town is worth mentioning here, nestled on Tesco's ground floor. The fastfood chain's pizza and "crazy chlieb" are predictably tasty, if a bit pricey at 40 Sk for a slice. Other options include salads, sandwiches and cookies. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: no. Kamenné nám. 1. < 8-20:00, M-Su.

Music Café Hysteria- The only semblance of a Tex-Mex restaurant in town, the food is tasty but may leave you less than satisfied with its authenticity. Two pool tables and a lively crowd, dancing is not unheard of here. This is a little tricky to find - follow the signs to the Chinese restaurant in Zimný Štadión. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Odbojárov 9. < 11:00-2:00 Su-Th, 11:00-5:00 F-Sa.

Pizzeria Ciao- Genuine Italian thin-crust pizza, cooked in a wood-burning oven with real tomato sauce as well as pasta, a varied salad bar, and hefty desserts that make a nice change from palacinky. Service can be slow, but the food is worth the wait. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Trnavská Cesta 37. % 212-109. <11:00-24:00.

Pizzeria Romantica- A hidden treasure below Kramare - 200 meters from the Pátronka bus station. A large pizza is less than 100 Sk, and you can combine any toppings. Ask for the Emil Special (double cheese, ham, salami, onions, fresh mushrooms, oregano and a touch of garlic). Among the best-kept secrets in the country. Brnianská ul. $$. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. < 11:00-22:30.

Sole Mio- Possibly the snazziest sign in town features the illusion of a flaming oven. Inside this pizzeria, pies are prepped and cooked on a conveyor belt, which makes for cheap entertanment. Usually crowded for lunch, the place often has as many eaters standing as sitting. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Grösslingova ul. < 10:00-20:00

Tokyo- Take a trip to the Orient by sampling sushi and swilling sake. But watch out: the rice wine will knock the stuffing out of your wallet. Authentic Japanese food, such as the tempura (fried fish and vegetables), yaki soba (noodle soup) will make your mouth water. On special occasions, order a round of sake (rice wine) in the straw-matted back room. The service here is impeccably courteous. $$$. CC: yes. Eng menu: yes. Res: no. Stromová 16. % 375-406. < 11:00-22:30.

Čárda Kormorán- Bratislava's best salad bar, with - 22 items including fresh crispy lettuce and three different dressings - is reason enough to venture out to this modern restaurant on a lake in Petržalka. The menu is essentially Hungarian with a few other rare items thown in, such as T-bone steak and roasted cod. The menus are avilable in five languages. A talented Gypsy band playing away makes it is easy to get comfortable. $$$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Tematinská 7. % 828-252. < 11:30-23:00.

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