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Letter to the Editor: Tiso is "certainly not sacred" to many

Jozef Tiso

I would like to respond to a letter to the editor written by Ivan Hudec from Trnava, ("Why we Slovaks prefer living in our own state over one with Czechs," Vol. 2, No. 19, November 6-19, 1996).

I do not think that survival in a war does not matter, but you cannot just take the wrong side in it. Under President Jozef Tiso, the Slovak Republic was an ally of Nazi Germany, against which most of the world fought. This state officially declared war on the United States - a country which, along with others, fought against the worst dictator ever.

Therefore Tiso, though I am not going to judge him personally and I think no sensible person would, can be considered Hitler's collaborator. I would call it a pact with the devil to save innocent lambs. That is not morally acceptable.

Furthermore, Mr. Hudec said in his letter that the memory of Mr. Tiso is honored, even sacred for most Slovaks. He is certainly not sacred to me and there are many others like me, you can be sure! So this is a " I heard a story" attitude, which Mr. Hudec himself refuses to accept. "Most" is therefore a strong word.

As for the criticism of The Slovak Spectator - I think the impartiality of the newspaper should be praised, because I do not think that arguments like this could be published in any other newspaper, except maybe a few. This is a principle of democracy that everyone should have his or her say. Some people prefer censor ship, though.

As for the joke that ended Mr. Hudec's letter: I think that a stupid joke published by some irresponsible journalist is a poor reason for breaking up a state without a referendum. In the Czech Republic, there are wise men as well as foolish ones as is the case in America or Slovakia.

All in all, I suspect that the purpose of Mr. Hudec's letter might well be to get noticed by someone to possibly become a minister, because he has a suitable name for the job. Anyway, the logic of his letter does not tell me otherwise.

Name withheld upon request

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