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Creditanstalt sells investment fund

Creditanstalt Investment Bank (CAIB) sold its 26 percent stake in the investment fund Creditanstalt - Slovenský IF (CA-SIF) to the brokerage company J&T Securities II in Bratislava. The shares sold for 239 million Sk (4,135 Sk per share), while CA-SIF's share price at the time of the transaction was 766 Sk, and net assets per share were 2,461 Sk. The fund's total assets are 675 million Sk. J&T Securities II officials said they will offer the remaining shareholders the option of purchasing their shares for 1,008 Sk/share.

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A Slovak prisoner tattooed in Auschwitz, remained silent until he grew very old

Lale Sokolov fell in love in the concentration camp; only those close to him knew his story.

A tattoo, illustrative stock photo

Kiska: Only president can bestow awards

President Andrej Kiska turned to Constitutional Court over the law on state awards recently passed by the government.

President Andrej Kiska granting awards, January 1, 2018

Global warming is a myth, claims a hoax

According to recent hoaxes published online, snow in the Sahara disproves global warming and milk can block airways.

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Blog: Are flying cars coming to the skies?

At least 19 companies, including a Slovak one, are currently developing flying car planes, but there are still many issues that must be worked out.