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Funeral held for slain skinhead

A funeral was held in the central Slovak town of Prievidza on August 28 for Jaroslav Bahna, a 19-year-old skinhead, TASR reported. Bahna was reportedly stabbed to death with a kitchen knife while getting off a bus in Prievidza four days earlier by an unnamed 26-year-old Roma. Bahna, who had been doing compulsory military service, was buried with military honors. More than 2,000 people, including 300 skinheads from around Slovakia, attended the ceremonies. Also present were Slovak National Party (SNS) Chairman Ján Slota, Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) deputy Arpád Tarnóczy, and Prievidza district council head Miroslav Miloš. The funeral ceremony proceeded calmly. Following the funeral, Slota expressed "deep indignation" at Bahna's "brutal murder" and called for a referendum on the death penalty.

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