Bratislava Pizza places

Champion Pizza- There is about enough room for 10 people to squeeze in at the tables, but Champion's strength is delivery service. It isn't Domino-speedy, but its as quick as local delivery gets - expect to wait at least 30 minutes. The delivery service costs 30-50 Sk depending on location. A relatively low-priced variety of pizzas ranging from 520 grams for 45 Sk to 1,910 grams for 195 Sk. They also serve calzones, "big dogs," beer and cola. Sundays bring 10% discounts on pizzas. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Komárnická ul. % 522-7395. < 10-22, M-Su.

Chicago Pizza- A Slovak goes to California, learns how to make pizza and brings the idea back home. The result is big pies with thick crusts and low prices. Bottled beer is cheaper than buying it at most potravinys. Delivery service available for 30-40 Sk extra. Sample dishes: Dallas Pizza (pepperoni and mushrooms), ribs. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Teslova ul. 41. %634-74. <10:00-22:00 M-Su.

Corleone Pizzeria- The namesake restaurant moved their pizza operations to a nice, yet more casual spot around the corner. The service is quick and the thin, wide pizzas will fill up a hungry stomach. We highly recommend the loaded vegetarian pizza. Arched roofs create a pleasant atmosphere, especially for smokers. $. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Hviezdoslavovo nám. < 10:00-22:00, M-Su.

La Mamma- Easily accessible behind Istropolis. Start with the fresh salad bar, then go for a pizza, ravioli formaggi e panne, or spaghetti bolognese. Compliment it all with wine. Avoid the grilled cutlet. $$. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Škultétyho 10. % 271-938. < 11:00-22:00.

Little Caesar's- Without a doubt, the quickest pizza in town worth mentioning is here, nestled on Kmart's ground floor. The fastfood chain's pizza and "crazy chlieb" are predictably tasty, if a bit pricey at 40 Sk for a cheap slice. Other options include salads, sandwiches and cookies. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: no. Kamenné nám. 1. < 8-20:00, M-Su.

Mister Pizza- Even though they must drive all the way from Vrakuňa, Mister Pizza's delivery is just about as fast as any in the city. The delivery prices (60-80 Sk) are high, but good tasting pizza that is not too light, not too heavy and brought right to your door as late as 11:00 p.m. comes at a price. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Dvojkrížna 3. % 240-7801. < 10-23:00, M-Su.

Pizza Bolero- Bolero offers late-night snackers a rare delivery option after 10 p.m. The pizzas are a bit small and overpriced, ranging from 72 to 182 Sk for pizzas that measure only 28 or 32 cm in diameter. Delivery and pizza boxes are free, but you'll have to slice the pizza yourself. Bolero also delivers turkey, spaghetti, French fries and extras like cigarettes, rum and brandy. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Starohajská cesta 35. % 5811-600. <10:00-2:00, M-Su.

Pizzeria Ciao- Genuine Italian thin-crust pizza, cooked in a wood-burning oven with real tomato sauce, as well as pasta, a varied salad bar, and hefty desserts that make a nice change from palacinky. Service can be slow but the food is worth the wait. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Trnavská Cesta 37. % 212-109. <11:00-24:00.

Pizzeria Umbria- This popular, cheap pizzeria offers a variety of pizzas on fluffy crust. The average price for a pizza is 47 Sk and it fills your belly. You won't be stuffed, but you won't be broke either. Located across from Hotel Kyjev, near Kmart. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Špitálksa 31. < 10-22, M-Sa; 15-22 Su.

Sole Mio- Possibly the snazziest sign in town features the illusion of a flaming oven. Inside this pizzeria, pies are prepped and cooked on a conveyor belt, which makes for cheap entertainment. Usually crowded for lunch, the place often has as many eaters standing as sitting. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Grösslingova ul. < 10:00-20:00

Spaghetti & Co.- Unlike most of the others listed here, Spaghetti & Co.'s menu only begins with pizza. As its name suggests, fresh pasta is the truest strength. Also separating this place from others is a Western ambiance and service. $$$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Gorkého 1. % 332-303.

U Korvína- Real Italian food at Slovak prices: there's even parmesan on the table. Skip the dull front room with the bar and blaring T.V. and head for the intimate courtyard patio out back or the brick-walled wine cellar (which has heated benches in the winter). The thin-crust pizzas can be disappointing and small. If you get a table, linger over an Italian espresso. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Banskobystrická 18. % 5334-000.

Umag- Wide, thin-crust pizzas with a Croatian coastal flair. Service is polite, attentive, and swift. The downstairs has separate smoking and non-smoking rooms. Located between two ministries, Umag gets its share of government lunch-goers. We recommend the Pizza Bratislava with corn (it's better than you'd think), mushrooms, and klobasa. $$. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Žilinská ul. < 11:00-22:30.

Dining Key

Meals: $ = under 100 Sk per entrée
$$ = 100-200 Sk
$$$ = over 200 Sk
CC = Are credit cards taken?
Eng. Menu = Is an English menu available?
Res. = Are reservations suggested?
< = Hours open
% = Telephone number

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