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ERASER (A) - Ever wanted to disappear? Look no further than specialist Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the job of completely erasing the old identity of an endangered witness, and creating a new identity. (Liqvidátor)

UNFORGETTABLE (D) - Ray Liotta and Linda Florentino star in this weak drama that is very forgettable. (V labyrinte smrti)

THE ROCK (A) - A thriller in the active island prison Alcatraz in San Francisco. Starring Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris and Sean Connery as a cunning prisoner.(Skala)

THE QUEST (A) - On a quest to Tibet, Jean Claude Van Damme is searching for the ultimate "Gold Dragon." Also starring Roger Moore (of 007 fame) and Van Damme's first directing debut. (Súboj cti)

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Garth: We need a deal that will benefit both

“When I talk to the Brits living in Slovakia, they are quite relaxed about things,” UK Ambassador to Slovakia Andrew Garth says about the Brexit-related concerns.

UK Ambassador to Slovakia Andrew Garth

Regional authority stops money for school that warned against fascists

Though there is no obvious link between the criticism and the decision to scrap the subsidy, there are some indications.

Marian Kotleba

Eight Tatra peaks in 27 hours

The man from Košice ended up before his goal due to health problems.

Richard Zvolánek

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava Video

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between August 18 and August 27, as well as regular services in different languages, training for foreigners in English and highlights of the year.

Pivobrana - Beer Festival