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Gore meets reportedly ailing Yeltsin

U.S. Vice President Albert Gore met with Russian President Boris Yeltsin at the Barvikha sanitarium outside Moscow on June 16, one day later than originally scheduled because Yeltsin postponed the encounter , Russian and Western agencies reported. Some Western reporters at the meeting - the first time independent observers have seen Yeltsin first-hand since June 26 - described him as "pale and stiff" but noted that he often looks that way in public appearances. Gore congratulated Yeltsin on his "great election victory," to which the Russian President replied, "it's our common victory."

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Who will stand up for journalists in Turkish prisons?

Journalists living in countries where politicians (for now) do not send people to prison for their opinions, who only sigh in relief that they are lucky this story does not concern them, are deeply mistaken.

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Daughter to father: I’m going to kill you

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