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Mečiar's musings on the state of the coalition

"Relations in the governmental coalition are not as they should be. Our partners are straying from the Coalition Agreement, and the government is losing support in Parliament. The current situation is extremely unfavorable for the government. The coalition should come together soon."

Slovenská Republika, June 20

"SNS and ZRS did not withdraw from the coalition agreement; they simply stopped fulfilling it several months ago. The parties' leaders wish just to take over the FNM and the banks. However, their members don't agree with their leaders, and I suppose most SNS and ZRS deputies will support HZDS in Parliament. One solution is early elections in spring 1997, but today, there is no will for it. The government is functional and I'm not contemplating restructuring it."

Národná Obroda, June 21

"Without HZDS, a stable government cannot be established and it seems there will be no changes in the current government. There exist conflicts between SNS and ZRS deputies and their party leaders Ján Slota (SNS), [Ján Ľupták, ZRS] and Štefan Gavorník (ZRS deputy leader and FNM President) which are unacceptable for HZDS. Those who started a certain process have to bear responsibility. HZDS is negotiating with SNS and ZRS about new coalition agreements and is also holding talks with SDĽ. The aim of the discussions is to ensure a stable majority, maybe as many as two-thirds of seats in Parliament."

Slovenská Republika, June 250

"Inside the governmental coalition, political dialogue has been missing. I think that within one week, the problems will be over. I appreciate SDĽ's activities, as they have been willing to support a HZDS minority government until elections in 1998 at a time when there was a threat of uncontrolled development. Now, I see three alternatives for future development: 1) continuation of the current coalition, which would resolve internal problems and make compromises with the opposition. 2) consultations regarding a new coalition partner. 3) a HZDS minority government."

Národná Obroda, June 26

"SNS and ZRS [representatives] visited me on Tuesday [June 25] and told me they want to continue in the government coalition without any conditions. We need to stabilize the domestic situation as it is necessary to make important foreign policy decisions and to not show instability."

Pravda, June 27

"The governmental coalition up to now remains, and it will carry on with its work."

Sme, July 1

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