The Spotlight

12 MONKEYS (D)- Bruce Willis is sent from the future to find the source of a deadly virus, which nearly wipes out the human race in the future. (12 opic)

THE BIRDCAGE (C) - Mike Nichols' remake of the French classic "La Cage aux Folles.'' Oppositely miscast with Robin Williams as the sedate Armand and Nathan Lane as his brassy, drag queen lover. Gene Hackman is a hilarious as an ultra-conservative Senator. (Vtáčia klietka)

BEFORE AND AFTER (D) - Liam Neeson ("Schindler's List") and Meryl Streep star in this story of a young boy accused of mudering his high-school girlfriend. The mostly good script almost makes up for a generally weak film. (Predtým a potom)

EXECUTIVE DECISION (A) - A sluggish action film, with Kurt Russell and anti-terrorist soldiers trying to rescue a hijacked 747. Steven Seagal disappears 20 minutes into the picture, thank goodness. (Konečné rozhodnutie)

TOY STORY (AN)- Walt Disney brings you the first full-length feature film composed and created solely by computers. The animated tale is excellently dubbed and features the voices of Miro Noga and Stano Dančiak (Boj hračiek)

THE USUAL SUSPECTS (C)- The comedic cast puts on a wild show as guys suspected for a crime that surprises who actually did it. Starring Kevin Pollack, Stephan Baldwin (another one??) and Kevin Spacey (Podozriví)

VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN (C) - Eddie Murphy tries his hand at Dracula. (Upír v Brooklyne)

SHOWGIRLS (M) - Banned in several European countries for its lewdness, this film depicts the underworld life of strippers. Paul Verhooven directs newcomer Elizabeth Berkley and veteran Kyle MacLachlan. (Showgirls)

NOW AND THEN (D)- Four girls growing up as the best of friends, each with her own poetic trials and tribulations. Starring Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Rita Wilson and Rosie O'Donnell. (Navždy spolu)


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