Bratislava Slovak Cuisine

Korzo- Well-known for its downstairs restaurant featuring a salad bar, traditional Slovak fare, and live folk music. For meat-eaters, the venison and steak are recommended. Also plan to visit the café on the street level which opens for breakfast at 9:00 and is an excellent place for a drink after the opera. Open until 23:00. $$$. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: no. Hviezdoslavovo námestie 11. % 334-974. < 8-24:00.

MS Danubius- Located in an attractive area right on the Danube and next to the Museum of Natural History, this place offers a solid selection of steaks, pork and poultry dishes prepared in the tradition of the Danube basin area. Sip a cocktail in their newly-renovated air-conditioned interior. It will bring back memories of, or introduce you to, an old-fashioned steam riverboat. $$. CC: Yes. Eng. menu: Yes. Res: Yes. Fajnorovo nábr. % 366-664. < 10.00-22.00 M-Su.

Modrá Guľa- A quiet place for a business lunch and a well-stocked bar for a happy hour drink. The penthouse terrace has views of the Castle and Hotel Forum. Try the pork cutlet on dumplings with cheese sauce or the halušky stuffed in ham and cheese. $$$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Suché Mýto 6. % 335-546, ext. 4006. < 11:00-24:30, M-Sa.

Modrá Hviezda- A delightful haven just below the castle for creatively cooked Slovak cuisine, served up in hearty portions. Try "Mummie's Specialty" of beef with cream and cranberry sauce and potato croquettes, or the sauerkraut goulash, or the veal in plum sauce. Head for the brick-walled wine cellar with heavy wooden tables; the other room, while attractive enough, lacks the cellar's character. The small sunken room on the way in is available for large parties. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Beblavého 14. % 332-747 < 11:00-23:00 M-Sa.

Pekná Brána- Slovak and Balkan cuisine is complemented by a friendly and well-trained staff. Prices range from the 40 Sk spaghetti to the 290 Sk house specialty - a plate of various meats. Must try the Solonya dezert,a Hungarian-style dessert consisting of chocolate and vanilla cake with pudding, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. $$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: no. Vysoká 39. % 323-008. < 11:00-24:00.

Pod Baštou- When walking up Michalská ul. towards Michael's Gate, turn left down Bratislava's thinnest street. Then descend from the cobblestoned alley into this classic wine cellar where sipping on one of the about 20 white, red, cask, and dessert wines is a must. Talk about ambience: soak in the vaulted brick ceiling, low lighting, and soft live music. Top off your meal with the great palacinky. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Baštova 3. % 331-765. < 11:00-23:00.

Prašná Bašta- Modern stained glass, cozy nooks for tables, and gothic, high-backed chairs give this restaurant and vináreň in old town an out-of-the ordinary feel. The food is tasty and cheap, mostly the basic Slovak menu with some twists, such as smoked trout and Armenian salad. The turkey curry is surprisingly good. Be prepared for a long evening - the service is friendly but slow; if you want to be left alone for a long conversation or even a game of cards, this is the place. $$.CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Zámočnícka 11. % 334-957. < 11:00-23:00, M-Su.

Prešporská Kúria- A complex of outdoor and indoor seating, including a cafeteria-style eatery, a nice restaurant and a pizzeria. Waiters in the restaurant wear traditional costume and serve dishes like an aromatic mushroom soup, pirogi stuffed with sheep's cheese, and carp with butter and walnuts. Load up on appetizers and your main course, because desserts are less inspiring. $$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Dunajská 21. % 367-981, 367-277. < 11:00-23:00, M-Su.

Reduta- Ambassadors seated under ornate chandeliers wave from their tables to each other in this exclusive restaurant. Built between 1908 and 1910, Reduta housed a music school and part of the stock exchange. The restaurant is in the old wine cellar downstairs, below the continental café and the Casino. $$$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Medená 3. % 335-242 or 335-257. < 11:00-24:00.

Riviéra- Large portions and a varied menu of fish, pork, poultry and beef - even vegetarian selections - on the road to Devín. Two rooms upstairs, a wine cellar and a patio; folk music at six every evening except Monday and Tuesday. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Karloveská 1. % 727-408 or 727-163. < 10:00-22:00.

Rybárský Cech- Built in 1759, this fine example of Rococo architecture was recently renovated and garnished with modern conveniences such as air conditioning. The variety of fruits of the sea includes Dover sole, catfish, octopus, and snails bourgignonne, but the menu has plenty of dishes for non- seafood-lovers as well. The large fresh salads and garlic soup are excellent ways to start your meal. $$$. CC: yes. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Žižkova 1. % 311-873. < 11:00-24:00, M-Su.

Slovenská Reštaurácia- Any place that calls itself "Slovak Restaurant" has got to carry the ambience as well. Well, it's true; you get here quality Slovak food, Slovak folk music, Slovak suds and wait, Western service. There's even a replica of a maitre d' here who opens the swinging doors for you. They also have prime location across from the U.S. Embassy. $$. Eng. menu: no. Res: yes. Hviezdoslavovo nám. 20. % 334-883. < 11:00-24:00, M-Su.

U Liszta- Large portions with substantial garnishing. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Klariská 1. % 334-343. < 10:00-23:00.

U Sokola- Traditional Slovak atmosphere and food, with a special touch. The soups are excellent, as are the steak sandwich smothered in onions and the turkey with green beans and bacon. The back room has four tables for large parties. $. CC: no. Eng. menu: yes. Res: yes. Sokolská ul. < 10:00-24:00.

U Svätého Floriana- Located across the street from its namesake Gothic church, this modest restaurant features friendly service and low prices. The traditional eastern European fare includes Furmanské halušky, Segedínský gulaš, and bean soup. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: no. Res: no. Radlinského 27. % 324-163. < 10:00-21:00.

Veľkí Františkáni- Traditional wine cellar with a live musical trio. $$. CC: no. Eng. menu: on request. Res: no. Františkánské nám. 10. % 33-073. < 10:00-20:30.

Dining Key

Meals: $ = under 100 Sk per entrée, $$ = 100-200 Sk, $$$ = over 200 Sk
Drinks: $ = under 20 Sk per glass of wine/beer, $$ = 20-40 Sk, $$$ = over 40 Sk
CC = Are credit cards taken?
Eng. Menu = Is an English menu available?
Res. = Are reservations suggested?
< = Hours open
% = Telephone number

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