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Couple dies in cesspool
Sending SMS to village people
Wolves attack sheep herd
No to nude statue, erotic salon, say church goers

Horné Srnie
Couple dies in cesspool

A MARRIED couple died of ammonia and hydro-sulphide poisoning while trying to fix a septic tank near their house.
The father, 47, was trying to repair a broken pump in the tank on May 2 when he fell in and did not answer his wife's calls. The 43-year-old woman then alarmed neighbours and, not waiting for assistance, entered the cesspool to save her husband. By the time the neighbours arrived, she was unconscious.
The couple were transported to hospital but were dead on arrival.

Tesárske Mlyňany
Sending SMS to village people

THE LOCAL council in Tesárske Mlyňany has decided that it will inform its inhabitants of important town events through their mobile phones.
Members of the town council agreed recently that instead of using the old-fashioned local radio transmitted through public amplifiers, the council will send its inhabitants SMS messages. The decision came after a local non-governmental organisation discovered that the majority of the village's 1,670 inhabitants had mobile phones.
"To our surprise we discovered that almost every household in Tesárske Mlyňany has a mobile phone. The decision to send SMS messages was unanimous," said mayor Ľubomír Benc, who explained that the council had calculated it would be cheaper to send SMS than to print a local newsletter.
The SMS messages will tell the inhabitants when church mass and local football matches start, as well as inform of the arrival of newborn babies and other community news.

Závadka nad Hronom
Wolves attack sheep herd

HUNGRY wolves which attacked a herd of 140 sheep near Závadka nad Hronom killed almost 40 last week.
Shepherd Pavol Štefanides said he found the animals on May 8. Stanislav Lašček from the Poľnospol plus company, which owned the herd, said that the sheep had been attacked by 10 to 12 adult and young wolves.
"The older wolves were clearly teaching the young ones how to hunt. Our men couldn't scare them away with firecrackers or whips, and they weren't scared of our dogs either. They would circle around the herd, some twenty meters from the shepherd, and some even went into the pen," Lašček said.

No to nude statue, erotic salon, say church goers

CHURCH-goers from Žilina's Bôrik district have launched a protest calling for the closure of an erotic salon in the area, and the removal of a nude female statue decorating Bôrik's Mariánske Square.
"The erotic salon and statue threaten morals, arouse public indignation and offend feelings," say the petition's organisers.
The salon is close to the local elementary school, while the statue, called Mother Protector, stands in front of the regional parliament building just a few meters from a statue of the Virgin Mary.
District MPs who supported the petition asked Žilina Mayor Ján Slota to use his influence among the local authorities to at least have the erotic salon moved to a less exposed part of the city.

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