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Slovak hockey anthem soon on CD

THE SONG so often repeated by the thousands of hockey fans who supported the Slovak hockey team on its road to the World Hockey Championships gold medal on May 11 was the Slovak hockey anthem My na to máme, "We Can Do It".

The song was composed in honour of the Slovak hockey team while it was competing in St. Petersburg in the World Hockey Championships in 2000 in order to raise the team's fighting spirit (Slovakia lost 5-3 in the final to the Czechs).

"The players immediately adopted the song as their anthem and constantly played it in the dressing room before and after each match," said Štefan Nižňanský, head of marketing at the Slovak Ice-Hockey Union (SZĽH).

After climbing to the top 10 on several Slovak radio stations, the song was massively revived during the latest World Championships. "In a few days people will be able to buy the single on CD," says Nižňanský.

The anthem is sung by Milan Špaňo, a businessman working here as well as in the US, and who has promised to record an English version as well.

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