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Reader feedback: Tragedy of insufficient education

Re: "Schools reducing admissions", News briefs, Vol. 8 No. 20, May 27-June 2.

It's a bit tragic this, because the future Slovakia will desperately need well educated people. Perhaps the route of bursaries could be taken, where a company, an NGO, or even the government itself, pays for the education of a good student, subject to a contract whereby the student (or the parent, if the student is still under age) commits himself/herself to work for the institution paying for the study for a certain period (3-5 years for example).

If the student in question wants to get out of the deal later, he/she can do so, providing he/she repays the study costs including interest, to the provider.

However, to introduce such a system would require that the government make provision for it.

Oscar Stolk

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