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Spectator on facebook

Reader feedback: Domestic suppliers should be more self-reliant

Re: "EU against retail chain law, says MP", Business briefs, Vol. 8 No. 20, May 27-June 2.

I think that domestic suppliers should try to improve their productivity and not cry and look for excuses and for help. They should get their act together and start producing products that someone wants to buy. Moreover, instead of having a 100 per cent mark up on the goods, they should be able to produce more, have a smaller mark-up, and this way balance their 'bottom Line' and in the end achieve the same profit, with much more production and maybe even more people working for them.

The government is already financing a campaign promoting Slovak products. Is this not enough? They get free commercials just by producing in Slovakia. So why do they need more help?

I think the bill should not be approved, when we are just a few steps away from entering the EU. This bill is a baaaad image maker.


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