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Reader feedback: In Slovak blue cheese we trust

There is still one way for Slovakia to reduce competition. They should make a law saying that genetically modified foods have to be labeled.

In Canada there is pressure to require by law that this be disclosed of all food which contains GM parts. In some places in Europe the fields are already contaminated with Canola. Even when the grower uses non GM seeds, they forget about the cross-pollination created by the wind. I have a feeling it's like a plague; it will eventually spread.

There is also the corn story. In the US, by accident, corn which was meant to feed animals got into the human food chain (as if the cows wouldn't). There was a huge recall of corn products. But the same products in Canada weren't recalled, in an apparent case of double standards.

I'm sure that everything will work out in Slovakia, which produces fine products. Just try the Slovak version of roquefort cheese, and you may not touch the French one for the rest of your life.

Maksi Dubrovay

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