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Ex-PM's daughter attacked by lunatic

MAGDA Gáliková, the youngest child of the country's former PM Vladimír Meeiar, was attacked with a hoe by a mentally disturbed woman on June 1.

Gáliková, who is seven months pregnant, had co-organised a party for children on the occasion of the International Day of the Child in a hotel in Nová Dubnica. The attacker, 26-year-old Viera Marušeinová, hit the pregnant woman three times in the back, explaining later that she had had a good reason for her actions.

"The song they were playing was so ugly," she said for the TASR news agency on June 4.

Gáliková's mother, Margita Meeiarová, wife of the opposition Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) party leader, rushed to help her daughter and was also smacked by the attacker. The woman later said she had had no idea whom she was attacking.

Police are investigating the case, while doctors said Gáliková did not suffer any major injuries. Police also said that Marušeinová had undergone clinical treatment for a mental condition in the past.

In a June 3 press release, HZDS representatives said that the party was outraged by the attack, adding that attacks on HZDS members, sympathisers or relatives of party officials were not uncommon.

"The HZDS states that such acts - even if they are carried out by mentally disturbed individuals - are unequivocally the result of the creation of an atmosphere of intolerance, even hatred towards political opponents, which is a direct working tool of some members of the ruling coalition, amply assisted by parts of the Slovak media," the party statement said.

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