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Predecessors spent Tartar raid times painting
Underpaid lawyer?
PM launches ambitious book
Town alarmed over rabies
Paul Newman cinema to open next year
Dating day and night

Predecessors spent Tartar raid times painting

CAVE paintings thought to date back to the 13th century were discovered near the village of 1uborec in central Slovakia.
The discovery was made in two neighbouring local caves which in the 13th century were used by locals to hide from plundering Tartar invaders.
"People probably painted while waiting in hiding. The paintings include crosses and human figures," said Miroslav Drobný, an expert in cave inscriptions.
He explained that while one of the caves probably served as a hideout for people, the other was used as a 'Tartar cellar' to store cattle and food supplies.

Underpaid lawyer?

A BRATISLAVA lawyer, 45, was charged with robbery after he first beat a young man and then took his identification documents and his mobile phone.
The robbery took place on May 31 in the capital, where the lawyer attacked 20-year-old Michal.

PM launches ambitious book

PRIME Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda on June 4 held a book signing in the capital to launch his memoirs of almost four years in office, called 'Kde je vôla, tam je cesta' (Where there's a will there's a way).
Some 50,000 copies of the 120-page book have been distributed to sales outlets, drawing scepticism from market experts who say sales of 10,000 copies of a book in Slovakia qualified a publication as a 'best seller'.

Bánovce nad Bebravou
Town alarmed over rabies

27 CHILDREN were hospitalised after it was found that they had played with and fed a stray dog infected with rabies.
Local doctors have already examined 80 pupils. Eva Miklášová, deputy principal of the elementary school in Bánovce nad Bebravou, said that her school was trying to calm panicking parents.
The alarm was raised after a pupil was bitten by the dog, which had been strolling around the school for several days.
School officials reported the case to the police, who immediately put down the animal. The pupil was hospitalised in Treneín.
Other children remain in treatment, doctors said.

Paul Newman cinema to open next year

A CINEMA in the eastern Slovak town of Michalovce will bear the name of US actor Paul Newman.
Newman's mother was born in the neighbouring town of Ptieie, and later moved to Ohio in the US.
The modern cinema, which is expected to open next year, will be built on the site of a local brewery which has recently shut down. While the brewery employed around 180 people, the new project will create around 250 jobs.

Banská Bystrica
Dating day and night

SAYING he hoped it prove a mitigating factor for his crime, a man who was caught stealing eight ladies' swimsuits told police he had taken them for his own use.
But when the officers laughed at the man's explanation, the 40-year-old culprit from Banská Bystrica changed his story, explaining that he simply had "many girlfriends".

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