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PM keeps mum on "problematic" railways tender

The daily paper Sme claims to have a letter written to PM Mikuláš Dzurinda by Peter Kresánek, an MP for Dzurinda's SDKÚ party, warning the leader of "problems" in the selection of 35 new trains for the state railways company ŽSR by a tender commission headed by the PM's brother, Miroslav.

The commission awarded the tender to the Swiss-Slovak firm DMU GTW Slovensko for a price that was Sk822 million higher than the nearest competing offer. While price was not the only criterion, the selection has been criticised by the Supreme Audit Office.

"You should be informed of the problematic nature of this business, the provider and the goods provided, which could compromise us for another four years," the daily quotes the letter as saying.

Kresánek has confirmed the authenticity of the letter, adding that "I am disappointed that private correspondence gets misplaced in this way."

Dzurinda refused comment, pleading a busy schedule.

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