Controversy over TV broadcast

Ján Havlát, the lawyer who represents both Michal Kováč, Jr. and Martin Syč-Mily in the Technopol fraud case, on November 20 sent a letter of complaint to Slovak Television (STV), Sme reported. Havlát complained about STV's prime time broadcast on November 18 of a 20-minute statement by Peter Krylov, who was jailed in Munich in connection with the technopol case. Krylov accused Kováč Jr., Syč-Mily, and others of organizing the fraud; he also gave their full names and explained details of the case. Havlát criticized STV for violating the principle of "presumption of innocence." (neither Kováč Jr. nor Syč-Mily had been formally charged in Slovakia), and he demanded that his clients be allowed to air their views during the same time slot. Dušan Kerný, editor-in-chief of STV's main news program, promised to broadcast the responses of Havlát's clients.

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