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Shell opens 7th station
Creditor bank claims hotels
Towns get more say in taxes
Surveying: Vrakuňa

Shell opens 7th station

Shell Slovakia opened its seventh gas station in Slovakia in Košice. The station, Shell's largest in the country, was built by Hutné stavby of Košice in 15 weeks at a total cost of 19.27 million Sk. Shell Slovakia, which is a daughter of the combined British-Dutch entity Royal Dutch Shell, also plans to open an eighth station by the end of 1995.

Creditor bank claims hotels

The SATEL hotel chain saw its two most profitable hotels in Poprad and Levoča taken over by Slovak Savings Bank, a shareholder and creditor that claimed them as collateral. A new owner will be determined after a shareholders' meeting in December. Ironically, SATEL recently won a prize from EDICON in Madrid for "new trends in the hotel sector."

Towns get more say in taxes

Parliament passed an amendment to the Real Estate Tax Law which will increase municipalities' annual revenue by 700 million Sk. It means that municipalities will have more power in deciding about this tax.

Surveying: Vrakuňa

The people who live in Vrakuňa generally do not work, nor find their entertainment there. "We are the only district [of Bratislava's 17] that does not have a cultural center or a cinema," said Ľudmila Lacková, the district mayor. She said most residents work for companies in the city's other districts, such as Slovnaft or Istrochem, or at the airport, which actually has a runway cutting into Vrakuňa.

So why do Vrakuňa's residents live in the quiet district on Bratislava's eastern outskirts? Lacková simply replied that the 10 percent of the population that lives in family houses do so "because they were born here," while the 90 percent in apartment buildings live there "because homes were built here." Another reason may be relatively low rent costs. One-room flats in the apartment complexes that sprouted up over the last couple of decades go for 900 Sk a month, including utilities, and four-room flats cost about 2,300 Sk.

Public transportation: 0 trams, 7 buses, 3 trolleys.
Best-known resident: Ivan Mauer (ice skating judge).

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