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A fund set up for families of VSŽ victims

The families of victims of the VSŽ gas explosion in Košice earlier this month are still reeling from the blast. Fortunately, everyone can help them back onto their feet, thanks to a special fund called Súcit, or "compassion," that has been set up by the company. Proceeds for the fund will provide financial and material help for the victims and their families, and go towards technology to make the explosion site safe. Donations can be made by a type "a" postal order, in cash in person, or through a bank-to-bank transfer to Súcit's account (number 2639001257/4200 at Priemyslená banka's Košice-Šaca branch). To find out more, contact Magdalena Martincová, the press officer for the fund, at 095/730-202 or 730-203.

Other news from Košice: the English Language Teaching Centre of the British Council is carrying on with its regular activities for English teachers. There's still time this month to check out "Vocabulary in EFL," with Helena Čuriová and Serena Yeo discussing topics from a vocabulary teaching course in Britain on November 24, or James Sutherland-Smith's Language Teaching Surgery on November 28. The center also plans to hold their annual Christmas party for primary school teachers and their pupils sometime in December. For more information, call them at 095/622-5153.

Heading westward... the British Council ELT in Banská Bystrica is also having a Christmas Party, as a part of its English Language Club, on December 15. Or, if you're still thinking about Thanksgiving, check out their showing of The Last of the Mohicans on December 6. For more info contact 088/724-216.

Those who want to brush up on their English in Bratislava can join the English Language Club, which meets each Friday at the home of Martin Oravec. Just show up at Pri Suchom mlyne 36 at 7:30 p.m. for general conversation, or call ahead at 07/372-106.

It looks like City University Washington is spreading quicker than McDonald's. The school, which teaches business administration in English, just opened a new program for East Slovakia in Poprad. For more information, an open house will be hosted by City University and the University of Poprad from 12 noon to 4 p.m. at Dom priateľstva národov, nám. sv. Egídia in Poprad.

A new phone tip: You may not be condemned to pulse forever. Some exchanges can now be switched over to touch tone. Simply write a letter to Slovak Telecommnications, Jarošova 1, 830 08 Bratislava, and find out if you can get impulzna voľba on your phone. Then they'll switch it over for you in a matter f days.

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