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EIU places Slovakia 1st

The respected Economist Intelligence Unit in London awarded Slovakia a grade of 4.5 (the range is 1-6). the highest ranking of any post-communist country. The EIU focused its evaluation on macroeconomic results, exchange and interest rates policies, budgetary policy, and the share of government payments on the country's GDP.

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Lomnický Štít Observatory opens to public

Visitors can see modern solar exploration devices as well as a cosmic ray detector.

The observatory at the Lomnický Štít peak

Lúčky folklorists will build a raft this weekend

A three-day event beginning on July 21 will demonstrate the practices and skills of the village’s raftsmen - and rafts woman.

Rafting on the Váh river, illustrative stock photo

Two travel bloggers showcase Slovakia Video

Youtubers give their viewers a sample of the mountains and streets of Slovakia.

Lomnický štít peak in the High Tatras

Performance of wild animals to be banned in circuses

Slovakia takes first steps to regulate animals in circuses.