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Kňažko on Acting

"Manipulation of energy is the most important thing in acting. Next is talent. Without talent, the energy is useless," said Milan Kńažko recently about becoming an actor. "And you cannot learn talent. You are born with it, and you must develop it."

Milan, like the other actors in Slovakia, studied theatre theory at VSMU, the art and acting school in Bratislava for four years. There the students study everything related to theater, from voice control and singing to fencing, dance and physical movement. They also train their minds studying texts from the likes of Shakespeare, Shaw, Chekov and other classic authors. Also, they study şthe method', a world-wide known system for actors created by the Russian director Constantin Stanislavsky, which gained popularity in America because of well-known practitioners such as Robert Deniro. "We studied Stanislavsky as well, but I don't believe any one system works for all actors. You must develop your own," said Milan sternly. "You must know everything about the role you are going to play. şThe method' is not 100% concrete. Nothing is."

Milan Kńažko can't be seen regularly performing (or can he?), due to the occupational demands of his position as president of the Democratic Union. He still hasn't ruled out returning to his original occupation.

Film in the 1960's is a new exhibition in the Kinosála at the Slovak National Gallery, partially sponsored by the Slovak Cinematography Center. It began on October 26 and will continue highlighting a new Slovak or Czech film every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. until February 22, 1996. Though all of the films aren't just from the 60's (some from the 70's too), most aren't very language intensive, all all cost only 5 Sk. The gallery is also presenting a special show this month on Slovak art in the 60's. Call the gallery at 07-5332-081 or stop by Riecna 1 for a detailed program

Disneyland is here! Well almost. Every day in Petržalka at the DK Ovsište on Ovsištské nám., Walt Disney has set up shop, exhibiting Disney memorabilia and films. Open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., the entrance price is only 35 Sk. Call 07-847-777 for more info.

Theatre and opera premieres this month include the ballet "Coppelia" at the Slovak National Opera, "The Cherry Orchard" (Višnovy sad) at Hviezdoslav Theater and "Fernando Krapp Wrote Me a Letter" at Malá Scéna Theater. Watch the Sights & Sounds Calendar for dates and times.

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