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Zborov and Plavecký Hrad werecaptured by Holy Romans
Impressing in Norway

Zborov and Plavecký Hrad werecaptured by Holy Romans

I enjoyed Hannah Wolfson's article on hiking to castle ruins ("Hike to...a ruin with a view,"Vol. 1, Number 16). Zuzana Falátová and Peter Gramblička must have had fun with their research. I am sure there are many more seemingly abandoned castles out there to discover. I look forward to reading about them in The Spectator.
But somebody's history has gone awry. My school textbooks definitely told me that the Roman Empire fell in the fifth century AD. The Byzantine Empire eventually folded in 1453. So was it really the Romans who captured Zborov in the 17th century and Plavecký hrad in 1706? Perhaps it was the Holy Romans (who were, of course, neither terribly holy nor Roman, and actually mostly Austrian). All roads may lead to Rome, but there were precious few Romans knocking about Slovakia 300 years ago.

Nigel Baker, Second Secretary, British Embassy, Bratislava

Impressing in Norway

I was at the International Ten Sing Festival in Haugesund, Norway, and I was very impressed by the Slovak groups! TS Slovakia, consisting of people from Bratislava TS and Kremnica TS had a fantastic concert which made people from all over Europe aware of what great work exists in Slovakia. Modra TS also made a very good impression. Their 7-minute performance on the "International evening" will not be forgotten! Two Ten Sings from Čadca also came to Norway - meaning that all four TS grups in Slovakia were represented in the festival! Well done, Slovakia!

Marianne Cecilie Molland, Hjellestad, Norway

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