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Reader feedback: Good luck on conflict from Canada

Re: "MPs not interested in conflict law", By Martina Pisárová, Vol. 8 No. 22, June 10-16, 2002

And I thought only we here in Canada were experiencing conflict of interest problems. Ha! Lately our news has been full of items about a continuing lack of ethics and other forms of corruption among some politicians. We do have rules for all MPs regarding declaring their sources of income in their election campaigns, and we have rules about keeping financial matters at arm's length, but specific measures are being implemented for cabinet ministers to declare their sources of financial support if they are running for party leadership (e.g. Prime Minister to replace Jean Chretien). Huge controversy. We might be (only a little) farther along the road in addressing this problem than is the Slovak Republic, but I wish the SR all success in acquiring transparency in this area.

Ron Watson

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