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Fiat gathering sets Guinness record
Alleged mob boss dies in car crash
Roe deer fawn escapes death by mowing
Thief photographed in the act
Jewish museum complains about public events

Fiat gathering sets Guinness record

SLOVAKIA set a new Guinness record after a fleet of 118 Fiat Maluch cars gathered last week in the central town of Zvolen, the most of the make ever assembled in one place.
Event organiser Ľudovít Matuška said that although the small cars still lacked the cult image of the VW 'bugs', "it's only a question of time before they become cool."
He said he would do his best to build the car's image, and predicted one day he would manage to set the record at over 1,000 cars.

Alleged mob boss dies in car crash

IVAN Mello, who together with his brother Karol were considered the underworld bosses of the upper Nitra region, died in a car accident caused by another driver.
The accident took place shortly before midnight in western Slovakia. Mello died immediately, while his passenger, Jana B., 18, died in hospital two hours later. Although seriously injured, the driver who caused the accident by carelessly reversing onto a main road, survived.
The Mello brothers had been in pre-trial custody until January 18 this year when they were released due to the tardiness of the courts in advancing their case.
The two were renowned for their allegedly brutal extortion practices, in which, police said, they threatened to shoot their victims through the knees, cut off their ears or kill their relatives.

Roe deer fawn escapes death by mowing

REPÁŇ and his new friend.
photo: TASR

A MAN mowing his lawn early in the morning almost cut off the legs of a tiny roe deer fawn which was asleep and hidden in the grass.
Viliam Repáň was mowing his lawn June 17 when he noticed the small animal. He took the fawn inside his house and tried to feed it milk, but after the terrified animal refused to drink from the bottle Repáň initially had to feed it from his mouth.
Repáň later agreed with the local hunting authority that they would take care of the deer until it was old and confident enough to be released in the wild.

Liptovský Mikuláš
Thief photographed in the act

A ROBBER who broke into a local grocery store and stole a mobile phone from the cash desk was photographed by a passerby in the northern Slovak town of Liptovský Mikuláš.
The robber, 22, was snapped by the photographer, 26, as he was smashing the shop window on departing.
He demanded the photographer give him the film, but after she refused he pushed her to the ground and ran away with the camera. Police, however, caught the robber a few minutes later.

Jewish museum complains about public events

THE HEAD of Bratislava's Museum of Jewish Culture has protested against Old Town decision makers who allow public events to take place at Rybné Square near a memorial to Holocaust victims.
Pavol Mešťan of the museum said the Old Town was behaving insensitively by allowing events such as a recent cycling competition to take place near the sacred site.
Vladimír Glasa, head of the Old Town's transport section, said that the dispute was a "matter of one's point of view", adding that the museum's representatives reacted "too sensitively" to many similar events.

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