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Reader feedback: Get out, but not before you fix our lives

Re: "Europe should band together",Reader feedback, Vol. 8 No. 24, June 24-30, 2002

[Telling the US to keep its nose out of Slovak politics] reminds me of Monty Python. The Americans are oppressive and wicked except for the parts where they save our asses from tyrannical regimes, rebuild our countries from war, provide safe havens when our governments become oppressive, constantly improve technologies that we use every day, and do the dirty jobs that we are too weak or apathetic to do.

Mark Westphal

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Lack of experts challenges ICT sector

To maintain the competitiveness, the Slovak government must support digitising the economy and take a positive stance towards the ICT sector, according to experts.

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Germans will distribute cars from Nitra’s JRL plant

The state-run freight carrier Cargo did not succeed in its bid, but is still discussing the distribution of suborders with the German firm.

Jaguar Land Rover’s construction site

Ministry: Law against puppy farms affects honest breeders

The recently passed law, clamping down on puppy farms will have serious consequences for honest dog breeders and state employees.

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Mihál leaving SaS

Behind his decision is disagreement with the stances of party chair Richard Sulík.

Jozef Mihál (l) and Richard Sulík (r)