What to do and where to go during hot summer days

With the holidays coming, this section may help you to plan trips on your free days to explore natural beauties, visit cultural events or just learn more about Slovakia

With the holidays coming, this section may help you to plan trips on your free days to explore natural beauties, visit cultural events or just learn more about Slovakia

ONE DAY TRIP - Meeting the city

Visiting the Mestské múzeum (City Museum), which provides a view of the town's history and development.
Open Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00. Admission: Sk10-30. Primaciálne námestie 3 (Old Town Hall courtyard). Tel: 02/5443-4742.

Walk around the city's historical centre in the company of a tour guide, or take a ride in an historical car.
English-speaking guides available at the Bratislava Information Service (BIS) on Klobučnícka 2. Price: Sk1,000 per group per hour. Open Mon-Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat 9:00-14:00. Tel: 02/5443-4059 (possibility to order guides also on Sundays).
Sightseeing half-hour rides in an historical car (in English and German) start from Františkánske námestie. Price: Sk150 per person. Daily 8:30-17:30. Tel: 0903/302-817.

Relax on café terraces or park benches framing the city's pedestrian zones while listening to live music and watching street theatre performances.
Hlavné námestie (Main Square) - The Brass Harmony group holds fanfare concerts every Friday (July-August) at 18:00, while local theatres perform plays on Sundays at 20:30.
Hviezdoslavovo námestie - Classical and brass concerts performed every Saturday and Sunday at 17:00.

WEEKEND TRIP - Sailing and cycling

Friday evening
Play chess with huge chess pieces on Hviezdoslavovo námestie.
Every Fri-Sun 15:00-20:00.

Sail from Bratislava to Vienna and back, exploring the Austrian capital in the meantime.
Departure from Bratislava at 7:30, arriving Vienna at 9:15. Almost 10 hours in Vienna's historical centre. For more information and city guide contact the Tourist Office on Albertina platz/Maysedergasse in Vienna, open 9:00-19:00. Tel: 0043 (0) 124-555. www.wien.info
Departure from Vienna at 17:00, arriving Bratislava at 18:30.
Osobný prístav (Danube river embankment), Fajnorovo nábrežie 2. Open Mon-Thu 8:00-16:00, Fri-Sat 7:00-17:00, Sun 9:00-17:30. Tickets: EUR29 (circa Sk1,270) per person (you have to pick up the tickets one hour before departure). Tel: 02/5296-3518 or 5293-2226 (ticket sales).

Cycling from the Bratislava city centre along the Danube river to the Čunovo reservoir and back, visiting one of Slovakia's greatest art museums, Danubiana.
The 38-kilometre asphalt route starts from the Nový most (New Bridge). Cross the bridge to the Petržalka side to the Sad Janka Krá3/4a park. From there, follow the river east (with the Danube river on your left). First cross under the Starý most (Old Bridge) and get on Klokočova street, then cross under the Prístavný most (Harbour Bridge) and follow the route to Čunovo. You will pass several local swimming holes before you arrive at the Danubiana museum.
(If you turn off the main route to Rusovce town, visit the Gerulata Museum of Antiquities, on a site where the Romans built a military camp in the first century AD as part of the Limes Romanus defensive system. Open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00.)

WEEK TRIP - Exploring the whole region

Small Carpathian Wine Route - The south-west part of the Small Carpathians mountain range is famous for its wine tradition, crafts, natural beauties and historical sights. The route starts from Bratislava and passes north-east through Pezinok and Modra to the town of Smolenice.

Sunday - Bratislava
Before you set out, visit an exhibition introducing you to the region's wine tradition at Apponyiho palác (Apponyi Palace) on Radničná 1. Open Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00.

Monday - Svätý Jur
In this quiet town you can see wineries from the 16th to 17th centuries, the ruins of the Biely Kameň castle and the Pálffy manor house at the end of Prostredná Street, where you can taste local wines in 400-year-old cellar. Open Mon-Fri 8:00-14:00, Tel: 02/4497-1132.
Hiking: To visit Jozefkovo údolie (Jozefko Valley), start from the train station and look for the information board. Accommodation: Horský hotel Eva, Jozefkovo údolie, Tel: 02/4497-0507.

Tuesday - Limbach
A typical wine-town, Limbach is famous for its Limbašský silván wine. To taste it visit the cellars of the local wine producer on SNP 18, open Mon-Fri 7:00-15:00.
Hiking: Slnečné údolie or Limbašské údolie. Accommodation: Hotel Limbach, SNP 18, Tel: 033/6477-281.

Wednesday - Pezinok
Sights to be seen include a local castle with a park (14th century), a tour of which is connected with wine tasting (call in advance 033/6412-360).
Sports: Horseback riding and tennis courts at Areál zdravia Rozálka, Suvorovova 9. Town information: Radničné nám. 9, Tel: 033/6901-107. Accommodation: Hotel Lipa, Kollárova 20, Tel: 033/6412-402.

Thursday - Modra
Sights include town fortification ruins, the Town Hall (17th century), Church of St. Ján Krstiteľ (14th century), and a round bastion.
Hiking: Štúr trail from Kalinčiakova Street, switching to a marked trail. Accommodation: Hotel Modra, Štúrova 111. Tel: 033/6472-266.

Friday - Častá
Sights to been seen are the Gothic Church of St. Imrich, which has fresco paintings.
Hiking: Červený kameň castle - exhibition, castle cellars, falconers' shows, remains of a Jewish cemetery nearby. Open Mon-Fri 9:00-15:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-18:00. Tel: 033/6490-216. Accommodation: Hotel Hydrostav, Píla - part of Častá. Tel: 033/6495-204.

Saturday - Smolenice
Sights include Smolenice castle, which has a large English lawn, open Sat-Sun 10:00-17:00, and the Driny dripstone cave, open Tue-Sun 9:00-16:00.

For more information on the Small Carpathians route visit the Malokarpatská Tourist Information Center on Štúrova 84, Modra. Open Mon-Fri 9:30-13:30, Sat-Sun 9:30-12:30. Tel: 033/6474-302.

Compiled by Michaela Melounová

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