Reader feedback: Good luck fighting the state

Re: "Welcome to Slovakia, from the newcomers themselves," Editorial, Vol. 8 No. 25, July 1-7

Tom (and TSS), good luck with fighting the state apparatus. Although I'm afraid you will end up bashed for this one. There's hardly a more tourist-unfriendly country in Europe than Slovakia, and not only to foreigners who do not command the local language. Of course, there are examples as you described in the editorial, and some spots with a tourist tradition, and thus experience, do exist. Generally, though, you will either find vile and unscrupulous off-rippers or super-sweet 'aborigines' who will truly do their best to satisfy you.

My advice would be - forget the state. There are 'far more important' issues to solve than the death of tourism, consequently refreshing the national economy. Go to private businesses, make it a project and go to EU or Visegrad funds and claim support, ask other nations' embassies to help out. The more of you who hammer the state bureaucracy, the better. Maybe one day someone intelligent from the Foreign Ministry will realise that sometimes it only takes a little to do a lot when there's demand and offer, not to mention the will, everywhere around.


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