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Reader feedback: Daydreaming of Bratislava

Re: "Bratislava recovers cultural traditions decades after they were banned," By Zuzana Habšudová, Vol. 8 No. 25, July 1-7

When I am forced to be far away from Bratislava, some things dominate my daydreams of the days when I am lucky enough to be there.

My favorites are the evening korzo parade of girls in their summer dresses, and the cooling evenings spent with friends at a vinotéka or cafe sharing a bottle of wine, or a couple of beers, before strolling off to find an interesting place for dinner.

It is an entirely Italian sort of experience and I have not seen it in many other European cities north of the Italian border.

This past May, I flew from South Africa to Bratislava (via Vienna, of course) and stayed the entire month, essentially to refresh my Bratislava dreams.

It was wonderful, and the girls in their summer dresses never disappointing.

Don Merritt

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