What to do and where to go in Trenčín

With the holidays already here, this section may help you to plan trips on free days to explore natural beauties, visit cultural events or just learn more about Slovakia

With the holidays already here, this section may help you to plan trips on free days to explore natural beauties, visit cultural events or just learn more about Slovakia

ONE DAY TRIP - Meeting the city

Explore the history of Trenčín, once part of the large Limes Romanus fortification system. Start from Mierové námestie (Peace Square) opposite the Piaristický kostol (Piarist Church). Climb the 16th century wooden Farské steps up to Farský Church. Continue to Trenčín castle and attend a 1.5-hour fencing tournament performed near the castle's Južná priekopa (South Moat).
Starts at 11:00 Tue-Fri and 14:00 on weekends. Tickets: Sk40-60 at castle cash-desk. Tel: 032/7435-657.

Take a paved path from the castle to Trenčianske museum, which captures the history and archeological sites of the region.
Open: Tue-Sun 9:00-16:00. Admission: Sk30. Mierové nám. 46, Tel: 032/7434-431.
Then set off on a 45-minute walk to Skalka, a holy shrine with a church and monastery. From Mierové námestie head to the train station. Follow a path beside the train tracks to the other side of the Váh river. Look for a white and red church on a hill.

Relax at the Steps pub on Mierové námestie, a favourite hangout of the local expat community.
Nightly shows at the castle start every Sunday at 21:30 and 22:00. Tickets: Sk40-80.

WEEKEND TRIP - Relaxing at two spa towns

Spa bathing has a rich tradition in Trenčín region, including Trenčianske Teplice (built in 1580) and Bojnice (in 1549) as among the oldest and most famous sources of 'healing' waters.

FRIDAY evening - Trenčianske Teplice
Listen to Austrian classical music performed by the Schonbrunner Schlossensemble orchestra from Austria.
Starts: only July 19 at 19:30. Historical Concert Hall of Kúpeľná dvorana, Lesopark. Tickets (Sk100) can be purchased at the door or at the Cultural Information Centre, Kúpeľná ulica (pedestrian zone), open Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 14:00-17:00. Tel: 032/6559-128.
Accommodation: Park-hotel Baračka, Lesopark. Tel: 032/6556-868.

As soon as you wake up, treat yourself to a partial or full-body massage (Sk200-280) or take a sauna and swim in the pool (Sk200/hour). Open daily 7:00-22:00.
Now that you're completely refreshed, set out for a walk in the surrounding lesopark (forest area) which was arranged in 1873 according to English-style parks with an artificial swan lake. See the historical spa houses, including the unique Hamman. Listen to promenade brass concerts, held daily from 15:00 to 17:00 on the Kúpeľná dvorana terrace.
Play tennis at the spa courts. Open daily 8:00-21:00 (Sk120-130/hour, racket rental Sk30/hour, balls Sk20/hour). Reserve courts a day ahead at Tel: 032/6553-091.

SUNDAY - Bojnice
To get to Bojnice, follow the sign to Prievidza from Trenčianske Teplice. Once there, see the 12th century Bojnice castle, renovated in the romantic style according to chateaux built on the Loire river in France in the 19th century.
Open daily 9:00-17:00. Admission: Sk70-130, guides in English available. (The castle's English guide book can be purchased at the souvenir shop at the entrance for Sk30).
Visit the oldest and largest zoo in Slovakia, Bojnice Zoo, home to 277 lucky animal species.
Open daily 7:00-19:00, Sk45.

WEEK TRIP - Castles and manor houses in the central Považie region

Považie region covers both banks of the river Váh. The area's rich history is documented in the castles and manor houses scattered through the Biele Karpaty, Považský Inovec and Strážovské vrchy mountain ranges.

SUNDAY - Považská Bystrica
Visit the Orlové manor house (3km from the town centre, across the bridge on the left side), which preserves shepherd and folk traditions. Open Tue-Fri 8:00-16:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-17:00. Admission: Sk40. Tel: 042/4323-724.
Return to the bridge - don't cross it - to find the road to Považské Podhradie village. At the end of the road, a yellow-marked hike to Považský castle ruins starts behind a church.
Accommodation: Hotel Manín, Štúrova 5/9, Považská Bystrica. Tel: 042/4326-989.

MONDAY - Považská Teplá
Take a trip through the narrow, canyon-like rock formations of Manínska tiesňava, which was naturally created by water over the centuries. The green-marked trail leads to the Kostolec village, passing over the Veľký Manín peak (891 metres) and descending to a cottage area. Relax and swim in the nearby lakes behind the Považská Bystrica-Žilina motorway.
Accommodation: Same as on Sunday.

TUESDAY - Lednické Rovne
Visit a 16th-century manor house in Lednické Rovne, situated in a large English-style park, and get to know the Slovak glassmaking industry. Open Mon-Fri 8:00-14:00. Admission: Sk10. Schreiberova ulica (near the church), Tel: 042/4693-824.
Drive to Lednica village and walk up to its castle, a mound of rock with a staircase dug in it.
Accommodation: Same as on Sunday.

WEDNESDAY - Strážov trip
Drive towards Ilava, turning off at the Zliechov village. Ascend the highest peak (Strážov, 1,213 metres) in the Strážov mountain range, following the red-marked trail leading also to the Strážov waterfalls. Taste sheep-cheese products at the salaš in Zliechov.
Accommodation: Same as on Sunday.

THURSDAY - Trenčín
Visit the well-preserved Trenčín castle. Open daily 9:00-17:30. Admission: Sk43-83 (the castle tour includes performances by an historical fencing group and falconers). English-speaking guides can be ordered at Trenčianske múzeum, Mierové nám. 46. Tel: 032/7464-431.
Accommodation: Hotel Tatra, Štefánikova 2. Tel: 032/6506-111. From the hotel's dining room, the oldest evidence of Roman troops on Slovak territory, carved in the castle rock, is visible.

FRIDAY - Beckov
Visit the Beckov múzeum. Open Tue-Sun 9:00-16:30. Admission: Sk10. Park under the castle. Tel: 032/7777-217.
Explore the ruins of Beckov castle, erected on a 70-metre limestone rock formation. Open Tue-Sun 9:00-18:00. Admission: Sk10-20.
Accommodation: Hotel Diana, Hviezdoslavova 19, Nové Mesto nad Váhom. Tel: 032/7712-071.
SATURDAY - Čachtice
Visit a renaissance castle in Čachtice village. Open Tue-Sat 9:30-16:30. Admission: Sk10. Malinovského ulica.

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