Reader Feedback: Get rid of complex

Re: "Reader feedback: Inviting Csáky 'audacity'," By Stephen Banjak, Vol. 8 No. 23, June 17 - 23

To Stephen Banjak [who argued that deputy PM Pál Csáky, an ethnic Hungarian, should not have been invited to the White House along with President Rudolf Schuster]: Of course Slovak citizens with Carpatho - Russian and Czech ethnic origins should be invited to represent their country side by side with those of Slovak and Hungarian origins, if their position warrants it. It doesn't matter whether Finnish citizens are ethnically Finns, Swedes or Sami, nor does anybody wonder that Swiss representatives may speak German, French, Italian or Retoromanian as their native language. Get rid of your inferiority complex! May correct behaviour live forever!

Pertti Huovinen, Finland

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