Reader Feedback: Time for Mečiar to go

Re: "Mečiar shakes up HZDS ranks," By Tom Nicholson, Vol. 8 No. 27, July 15 - 21

Mečiar said of the UK that "it's tough to listen to such decisions... things have to be seen in their historical context, if the decision is correct, if a country which once abandoned us to Hitler, once abandoned us to Stalin, can take a third decision in this historical period to try and isolate us from integration processes within Europe."

Mr. Mečiar, it is very tough to listen you. Didn't you forget to add that you abandoned your own people from 1993-1998? Just look back and see what you have done to Slovakia.

On July 6, 2002 CNN Europe on line published an article called "NATO hopefuls confident of entry". Let me quote what was said about Slovakia's Mr. Mečiar: "Slovakia will also be put on track to join, most likely in mid-2004 once the legislatures of the 19 current members ratify Nato's growth, provided authoritarian ex-premier Vladimír Mečiar does not return to power in a September general election."

Maybe it is time for you, Mr. Mečiar, to step down. If you consider yourself a good politician, leader or father of Slovakia or whatever you want to call yourself... a good leader knows when is the perfect time to go. There is a time for glory and time for other leaders to take the torch. You've had your time.

Tereza Spencer

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