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ET leaves message in rye field
Collared for canine crime
Men and baby escape from elevator fire
Hunger for a hot dog
Lost and found
29 parties to fight September elections

ET leaves message in rye field

A MESSAGE, but what does it mean?
photo: TASR

A LOCAL UFO club has reported three mysterious circles in a field of rye near the village of Dražovce.
The circles, measuring 15.5, 7.4, and 6.3 metres in diameter, are the first 'alien pictograms' to be discovered in a Slovak field since 2000.
Miroslav Karlík, a renowned expert in the sphere, said the circles genuinely seemed to be the work of extra-terrestrials.
Karlík said he believed the pictograms are an undecipherable message from an extra-terrestrial civilisation to people on earth.
He added that only recently he had also spotted a UFO floating around the Bohunice atomic plant.
"I saw a slowly moving triangle with red lights. It flew into the plant's towers and returned at the speed of light. The object repeated the operation seven times," Karlík said, adding that seven people had witnessed the unusual occurrence.
Local UFO enthusiasts believe the public will find out more about the UFOs after the files of the former Soviet KGB secret service are made public.

Collared for canine crime

A RETIRED woman from Košice was taken to a police station because her dog did not have a leash and a muzzle while accompanying her on a short walk to put a bag of garbage in a local dumpster.
Jana Kučerová said an officer had approached her and demanded she pay a fine for breaking the city's safety law. "I told him I didn't have any money, and he asked for my ID. I said I never took my ID with me to take out the garbage."
Kučerová complained that the officer had been aggressive and had threatened to make trouble for her with the police.
"He said I would end up coming to the police station every day begging to have my case dropped, and that if he wanted to he could shoot my dog and say it had attacked him."
She said the officer had then searched her and taken her to the police station.
After a few hours in custody Kučerová was released, but later reported the officer had visited her again a few days later asking her to sign a blank fine receipt.
The official police report on the matter stated: "The police officer asked the lady to put her dog on a leash. She reacted by telling him to leave her alone, and she refused to establish her identity with an ID card, and also refused to give her name. Therefore the officer took her to the police station".
The deputy head of the local police station later explained that Kučerová would have had no problems if she had "just listened to the officers and put her dog on a leash".

Men and baby escape from elevator fire

TWO MEN and a five-month-old baby experienced minutes of horror after they became stuck in an elevator which caught fire.
The men were unable to open the doors, and said they believed they would suffocate from the smoke coming from a fire in the elevator hoist motor beneath the elevator cabin.
One of the men, Ján Šarközi, said they had been lucky that his relatives living two storeys above the stuck elevator had heard their cries and helped them escape through an opening on top of the cabin.

Hunger for a hot dog

TWO HUNGRY men killed a dog with an axe and ate it in this east Slovakia town.
On July 15, two men aged 21 and 23 from Krompachy admitted to railway police that they had eaten a German shepherd belonging to the cops on May 17.
They said that they had stolen the dog, taken it home, killed, cooked and ate it. Damages have been assessed at Sk5,500 ($120).
ŽP spokesman Jozef Búranský said the men might also face charges of break-and-enter and theft.

Banská Bystrica
Lost and found

A FORTY-year-old woman has turned to doctors for help in making her a virgin again.
The woman's request to have a hymen reconstructed in her vagina surprised doctors at Banská Bystrica's Roosevelt hospital.
"We haven't encountered anything like this before. This may happen in Arabic countries because of their strict rules, but in Slovakia?" wondered Ján Lehocký, head of the hospital's plastic surgery department.
Doctors later discovered that the woman had health problems which ruled out the operation.

29 parties to fight September elections

BY A Wednesday midnight deadline 29 parties had submitted the required documents to be allowed to contest September elections, a record in Slovakia's 10-year history as an independent state.
The tiny Active Women party was the last to register, delivering its application to the central election commission at the stroke of midnight.
Parties in Slovakia must score at least five per cent in elections to win seats in parliament. Based on current polling results, about seven parties stand a chance of securing representation in the legislature.

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