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Bureaucrat alleges massive Gabčíkovo construction fraud

A government plenipotentiary for the Gabčíkovo hydro-electric dam has said that firms involved in construction of the site may have defrauded the state of hundreds of millions of crowns through payment for fraudulent invoices.

The official, Dominik Kocinger, has said the government has appeared unconcerned by police discoveries, including an allegedly fraudulent invoice for Sk90 million ($2 million) for the Spectrum Marketing firm of Dunajská Streda.

The Interior Ministry has confirmed that over 400 million crowns ($9 million) was fraudulently paid to firms on the Gabcikovo project between 1995-1997, largely through the Vahostav and Doprastav construction firms.

But the ministry has denied being unconcerned about the matter, saying 20 people have already been charged with fraud and money laundering. A police investigation will be finished in two months.

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