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Reader feedback: Dashed hope for Fico

Re: "Robert Fico: If speaking the truth is populism, then I want to be a populist", By Martina Pisárová and Tom Nicholson, Vol. 8 No. 28, July 22-August 4

What is so abnormal about a party caring primarily for the interests of its own constituents, the basis for Fico's criticism of the SMK? The SMK and its members of cabinet have also proven over the years to be among the firmest advocates of Slovakia's Euro-Atlantic integration, in the interest of the entire Slovakia.

By the way, does Smer have a Hungarian-language version of its website? In what way does it try to appeal to the specific needs of Hungarian voters?

Fico says "the rights of minorities in Slovakia are above-standard." Compared to what? Sudan or Finland?

"We don't see why we should now discuss what our minority programme is. The programme is given." Why doesn't he want discussion? Is he an autocrat or just afraid of the outcome?

"They have above-standard rights, and we want to respect these rights, but we don't see a reason to go any further." Again, above what standard?

And what does he mean by "OUR" minority programme? I assume his party's. How does he want to form a coalition if he rules out any compromise on certain issues?

"But we can't close our eyes to Roma crimes." What on earth is a Roma crime? The fact that the man links the word Roma as an adjective to the word crime says a lot about his racial bias.

"We're closing our eyes to the fact that in 10 years there will be one million Roma." Again, pure demagogy. Even with an average of 10 children per family (and I believe in reality it is around 4), the Slovak population won't triple, or even double in a decade.

"Tell EU officials not to talk too often to Prime Minister Dzurinda." Huhh??? Again, only a man who has something to fear would say such a thing.

"Our requirements are no Mečiar, no Dzurinda, no Mikloš." Very clever, linking Mikloš and Dzurinda with Mečiar.

"I'd be happy if politics stopped being the national hobby, and we started talking again about sports and pretty women." Stop having your own opinion about politics and instead leave the thinking to Mr. Strong Leader? I think this last line about wraps it all up.

Again, thank you for this article. I so far had some hopes that Fico might be a good alternative for Slovakia, but after reading this interview I must conclude that Mr. Fico IS a populist and a demagogue, and him leading Slovakia's next government would be the worst thing for this country, next to a Mečiar-led government.


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