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Reader feedback: No vote for Fico

Re: "Robert Fico: If speaking the truth is populism, then I want to be a populist", By Martina Pisárová and Tom Nicholson, Vol. 8 No. 28, July 22-August 4

I gotta agree with you guys. Reading this article has turned my stomach upside down. Fico is more dangerous for the future of Slovakia than any other politician, excluding Mečiar. I would never vote for him, that's for sure. Like Ivan said, he likes to link himself to the new up-and-coming generation of politicians, but for some reason the electorate has lost their minds and forgotten where and which party Fico was heading into the 1998 ballot.

I don't trust that guy a bit, and the fact that he insults Dzurinda and Mikloš and jumps on their case more than on Mečiar's just proves how dangerous this bully really is.

By the way, good job Slovak Spectator, the questions were straight.


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