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Reader feedback: The only thing "enormous" about Rusko is his ego.

Re: "Pavol Rusko: I have enormous power", by Tom Nicholson, Vol.8 No.29, August 5-11, 2002

Rusko is right about the lack of journalistic integrity in Slovakia. But he shouldn't just allow it to happen under his nose at Markíza - that's called being irresponsible and taking advantage of the situation when he knows it's not the "right" thing to do.

Rusko states, "When we pick people for Markíza we look for people who feel and see things the way we do." This can only mean in the political sense because there isn't a "Markíza Way of Doing Things" in any other sense.

And to say that, "our journalists use this space in accordance with their feelings", means that he advocates a lack of integrity in Markíza journalists, especially since they already feel the same way he does.

Let them keep their feelings to themselves while on Markíza's time and just report the news, etc. with honesty and integrity.


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