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Slovak crosses English Channel, ice-cream follows
Man found dead after two-day binge
Husband faces torture charges
Bear attacks mushroom hunter
Parachuting Dane falls badly
Necklace phantom soon behind bars
Former Roma mayor makes trouble again

SWIMMER Zoltán Makai ate two litres of ice-cream after his over 11-hour swim.
photo: TASR

Bratislava - English Channel
Slovak crosses English Channel, ice-cream follows

THE FIRST ever Slovak swam across the English Channel August 2 and followed the swim by eating two litres of ice cream, to get the salty taste out of his mouth, after hitting the French beach of Cap-Griz Nezu.
Zoltán Makai, a 25-year-old native of Bratislava and student of economic IT in Vienna, made the 35 kilometre trip in 11 hours and 21 minutes.

Man found dead after two-day binge

AFTER TWO days of thinking him asleep, people living in a house in Škridlovec found out that the owner of the house was dead.
The companions called an ambulance, but a doctor stated the man had been dead for two days, and did not rule out foul play, as the dead man had a wound on his head.
Locals said that the house of the 47-year-old man was often the site of drinking sessions with various suspicious individuals staying in the house.
The companions were unable to say anything to the police, who arrived shortly after the ambulance, because all were drunk. Police have suggested that another possible cause of the man's death was that might have had hit his head during an epileptic fit.

Banská Bystrica
Husband faces torture charges

A PENSIONER from Banská Bystrica is under investigation for torturing his wife, to whom he denied sleep and threatened to kill if he found her asleep.
Under the influence of alcohol, the 61-year-old man would two or three times a week allegedly ban his wife Nadežda from sleeping. This happened regularly in the period from February to the end of July this year, said the man's wife.
Nadežda told the police that he would threaten to kill her if she fell asleep and that, fearing the consequences, she slept about six times during that period on a staircase in front of her locked flat.
It was not until two weeks ago that her husband hit her in the head with a beer bottle, then locked her in the flat and would not let her out. After three days, she managed to sneak out and went directly to the police.

Tatranská Štrba
Bear attacks mushroom hunter

A MAN picking mushrooms in Tatranská Štrba had to be flown to hospital after he was attacked by a bear wandering in the woods. The 30-year-old man suffered bites to his right leg and several cut wounds and underwent surgery in the Poprad hospital. The July 4 attack is the first case of bear attack this season.

Low Tatras
Parachuting Dane falls badly

A DANISH tourist on a parachute jump in the Low Tatras has suffered serious injuries after getting caught in an air whirlpool.
The 54-year-old Dane started off near the Luková funicular stop in the northern part of the Low Tatras. After he got into the whirlpool his parachute partially closed and the wind flew the man into the nearby forest.
His fall was partially softened by tree branches, said a local Mountain Rescue team member.

Necklace phantom soon behind bars

KOŠICE police have arrested the so-called necklace phantom, a man who specialised in stealing gold necklaces by tearing them off the necks of passers-by.
The 24-year-old robber managed to steal Sk48,000 ($1,000) worth of golden necklaces over the last two months by approaching his victim from the back, tear the necklace off and run away.

Former Roma mayor makes trouble again

IMPRISONED mayor of infamous Košice Roma ghetto Lunik IX Jozef "Pepo" Šaňa, who is waiting for a court trial on several charges including drunk driving, has requested the local municipality send to his pre-trial cell his wages, along with a monthly loan of Sk40,000 that he had approved to himself while he was in office.
Šaňa was recalled over a year ago by Košice municipal authorities due to several transgressions against the law. Although he managed to win new mayoral elections after he had served his first sentence, the regional MPs refused to accept an oath of office from Šaňa.
During his fight for the mayor's seat, he threatened one MP by putting a gas gun to his head. Because of this and other crimes, such as pressuring witnesses to change court testimony, Šaňa was taken to pre-trial custody again.
The substituting mayor Ladislav Šaňa said the municipal office was not going to send a cent to Jozef Šaňa.
Jozef Šaňa is also suspected of misusing municipality funds and faces a court case on those grounds as well.

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Štefan Svitko

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