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Flooding less than feared

Bratislava seems to be approaching the worst of its Danube river flooding, but officials say the river is not likely to exceed 10 metres in height, and that no major threats existed to the city or countryside. Limited flooding has occurred on both sides of the river below a main embankment on the Petržalka side and retaining wall on the Bratislava side.

In the village of Devin, some 12 km upstream of Bratislava, 29 families have so far been evacuated because of flooding, but although the waters have swamped part of the lower town, no greater threat is expected.

The Slovak government has earmarked Sk495 million ($11 million) originally reserved for highway construction for repairs to roads damaged by flooding. The first damage estimates have reached Sk145 million ($3.2 million), including estimates from 20 municipalities not including Bratislava over the last 72 hours.

Compiled by Tom Nicholson from press reports.
The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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