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Reader feedback: Roma not oppressed

Re: "Rhetoric, not reality: Practical solutions for Roma still missing," Editorial, Vol. 8 No. 30, August 12-18.

You have to take the Roma mentality into account. I have known many of them, and there are some that would like to work and are clean and have well-educated children. But the majority doesn't think according to the 'normal' scheme (e.g. I get a job, I get money from working, I achieve a secure financial situation, then have children and send them to school because I know the better education they get the better chance of a good job and life they have in the future).

A majority of Roma's life priorities are:
1. Alcohol
2. cigarettes
3. coffee
4. glue for sniffing (that's true mostly of the younger population)
5. cell phones
6. soap operas on TV

Their children were not 'forced' into schools for mentally deficient children, they belonged there because their mentalities had been screwed up by their parents. Four-year-old Roma children smoke, and at eight they sniff glue. Parents send them to pickpocket because they aren't arrestable, then use the money to drink, not to buy their children clothes and food. The children have often to walk almost naked in the cold and eat food from trashcans. Their parents don't teach them how to speak Slovak, which is another reason they often aren't fit for normal school. Their hygiene is also terrible, simply because their parents never taught them they need to be clean.

The Romas have often as many children as possible, because the government pays them monetary support, and they know well that more children equals more alcohol and cigarettes.

A special case are the Roma babbling about racism and racist crimes. It's pure idiocy that when a white criminal assaults a gypsy it's a 'racist crime', and the gypsies go to Strasbourg to whine, while if a gypsy attacks a white man it's not a race crime, only a 'normal' crime. This is utter bullshit. Yeah, labeling all violent crimes by gypsies as racist would probably lead to having a majority of crime in the country labeled as racist, because gypsies commit the majority of all crime here.

As far as "health care discrimination" goes, please, give me a break. That they do not seek health care doesn't mean it is somehow taken from them. Gypsies simply ignore a lot of their children's illnesses and come to hospitals only in urgent cases.


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