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Camping for the homeless
Got a light?
Bear shot after attacking tourists
Train hits horses
Spaniards to turn wrecked manor into posh hotel
Lucky bag
Police send axe attacker to clinic
Biker hits moving train, suffers bruise

Camping for the homeless

JAROSLAV has found a home after seven years.
photo: TASR

A CIVIC association called Proces-3 has decided to build a campground for the homeless near the main train station in the central Slovak town of Martin.
Proces-3 started work on the site a month ago, despite the disapproval of the local authorities. The group erected a wooden fence around an abandoned piece of land, moved in a derelict lorry, and built a provisory toilet and a wood hut with an old but functional washing machine.
A plastic water container was placed on top of the 'facilities' to serve as a shower.
The first homeless person to move into the campground was 52-year-old Jaroslav, who lost his home seven years ago.

Horná Streda
Got a light?

AFTER CHECKING the fuel level in his car with a cigarette lighter and causing an explosion at a filling station near western Slovakia's Horná Streda, 30-year-old Ervín E. was charged with endangering public safety.
The explosion caused serious facial burns to one bystander, 39-year-old Marian H., while 39-year-old Ján M. suffered second degree burns to his face, eyelids, neck and chest.

Bear shot after attacking tourists

A CZECH couple visiting central Slovakia's Tále holiday resort in the Low Tatras mountains was attacked by a bear, but escaped without fatal injuries. The bear was later shot.
Shortly after midnight on August 16 the bloodthirsty animal entered the tent in which the couple was sleeping and bit the woman in the head and arm and her boyfriend in the leg.
The bear then dragged the woman out of the tent towards a nearby creek, but she and her boyfriend managed to escape and hide in a building near a local motel.
Motel attendants called police and an ambulance, which took the couple to hospital. The woman will remain in hospital for two months and her boyfriend for ten days.

Train hits horses

TWO HORSES that ran away from a badly secured pen died after being hit by a train.
The accident took place in the eastern Slovak city of Jelšava on August 20 in the early morning hours, said Jozef Búranský, a train police spokesman.
The train driver said he had spotted the horses from 15 metres distance as they suddenly ran onto the track, leaving him no chance to avoid impact.

Spaniards to turn wrecked manor into posh hotel

IBÉRICA, a Spanish company, plans to invest around Sk50 million ($1.1 million) to turn a dilapidated 15th century manor house in south Slovakia's Žarnovica into a luxury hotel.
Dušan Gréger, Žarnovica mayor, said the investment would help revive tourism in his region. Ibérica bought the manor for Sk120,000 ($2,750), the same sum for which the city recently bought it from the state.

Žiar nad Hronom
Lucky bag

A MAN who sneaked into an open jeep and took a briefcase from the front seat while the owner was busy fixing a flat tire scored Sk377,000 ($8,500) in various currencies.
Apart from Sk330,000 in local currency the briefcase contained 1,020 euros, 1,000 Hungarian forints and 1,000 Thai baths. The 30-year-old jeep owner said he had not noticed anyone approaching his car while fixing the tire.

Police send axe attacker to clinic

AN AGGRESIVE man was charged with attacking a public official and damaging property after welcoming police officers to his home with an axe in one hand and an iron bar in the other.
Officials reported that 66-year-old Ján B. from Brezno had attacked a police patrol that came to his house to check out a complaint of hooliganism. Interior Ministry spokesman Ján Bazovský said the man had broken the front window of the police car and then attempted to hit one of the officers with an iron bar.
The officers set a police dog on the man, which bit him on the ear causing minor injury to the aggressor. The offender was then taken to a psychiatric clinic, where he had already received treatment in the past.

Biker hits moving train, suffers bruise

A CYCLIST from eastern Slovakia's Snina crossed a train track without noticing an oncoming train, which hit him in the head but caused him only minor injuries.
The 69-year-old cyclist ignored the train's warning hoot and hit the second wagon of the freight vehicle. Train police said August 20 that the man's injuries would require five days to heal.

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