Reader feedback: A moot point

Re: "Lest we forget: Kováč Jr kidnappers still at large," Editorial, Volume 8 No 32, August 26 to September 1.

Nice... but this is all a moot point. Ten minutes after Mečiar assumed presidential powers, he pardoned anyone who ever might have had any connection with the kidnapping. Unless the Slovak government is willing to overturn the pardon in some fashion, no one can be convicted of any crime related to the kidnapping.

Which brings up an interesting point. What precedence is there for overturning pardons? As far as I know, none. What would international justice bodies and courts have to say about such a thing? If it can be done, what would the process of overturning it consist of? Who would decide?

It appears that the Slovak government has chosen to leave the pardon in place and attempt to circumvent it with other charges and allegations (some of which border on bogus).


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