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Anti-corruption measures proposed by major political parties

Ano - New Citizen's Alliance (right-wing, non-parliamentary)

* Pass effective Law on Conflict of Interest
* Apply computer-driven court management system of at all courts
* Eliminate room for corruption in police, prosecutor offices and courts
* Improve control of public administration
* Publish detailed information on use of pre-entry EU funds
* Improve working of land registry offices
* Increase transparency of political party financing

HZDS - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (left-wing, opposition)

* Make health care financing more transparent, eliminate cycle of debt
* Make court administration and decisions more transparent, put them under public control
* Improve control of public finances
* Reform state administration to ensure speedy, uncompromising and effective law
* Make fighting corruption a priority in the next cabinet by tackling corruption in the bureaucracy, where it is rife
* Improving collection and administration of taxes, making taxes less of an administrative burden on the tax-payer

KDH - Christian Democrats (right-wing, government)

* Pass constitutional amendment on conflict of interest
* Increase transparency of political party financing
* Reduce corruption among the police; oblige officers to submit regular asset declarations
* Make court management system a key project for the next election term
* Introduce a special prosecutor to fight corruption and organised crime
* Introduce a transparent system of state funding in agriculture
* Hold a transparent sale of state licenses for higher generation mobile
* Make financing transparent at all levels of the education sector

SDKÚ - Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (right-wing, government)

* Cut corruption in the education sector particularly by increasing enrolment at schools
* Support the spread of market principles in the economy to increase
competition and limit corruption, and eliminate abuse of state aid
* Increase use of the Freedom of Access to Information Law, introduce a transparent public procurement system, and increase use of the Internet in the public sector
* Increase transparency in state funding policy
* Introduce a system allowing quicker registration at land registry offices for a higher fee
* Complete the reform of the license issue system
* Introduce possibility of added health care insurance to boost standards and limit corruption in the sector

Smer (left-wing, non-parliamentary)

* Increase accountability of judges for court delays and approve tough measures to fight corruption
* Return order to health care and drug distribution policy, where corruption and clientelism rule
* Speed change in legislation regarding license issuing policy
* Return order to state funding
* Focus corruption fight on people in the highest places and support the creation of teams of prosecutors and police with special powers
* Pass a law requiring people to demonstrate the origin of their property if required by the Attorney General

SMK - Hungarian Coalition Party (right-wing, government)

* Reduce corruption in the health care sector and secure transparent financing
* Create a transparent system for the use of pre-entry EU funds allowing every interested party to apply for support under equal conditions
* Make the purchase of land for industrial parks easier and more transparent
* Decrease the paternalistic distribution of finances by the state
* Decrease the red tape involved in doing business by simplifying laws and making them more transparent
* Introduce the institution of a 'judge-investigator' to fight corruption at courts and at prosecutors' offices
* If a cabinet minister is suspected of corruption and is unable to prove his innocence, he must resign from office or be recalled

Source: Transprency International Slovakia

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